How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Ranking Position

Getting traffics to a website it isn’t easy because there are so many competitive nowadays meaning that people also blog the same niche as you are, so it make us to work hard to get our website gain more traffics.

So today I will share with a technique that helps you get more traffics to your website by using Google Search Console (GSC) to improve your website ranking – in this article, I will share with you the step by step guide on how you can use Google search console to get more traffics to your site fast and easy by re-optimize your article with the data that search console provides us.

How GSC Get Our Website Information Data? – Let’s imagine, when you want to rank your written article on your website in Google you need to submit your website URLs with GSC to let it index your website content and ready to rank.

After your user make a search, Example: you get on the first page of search engine result page (SERP) then Google know that your website has rank which position, how many search impression, clicks.

This how it work,  you will clear after reading this article, just keep reading the article until the end with our step by step guide. 

How To Use Google Search Console To Increase Our Ranking

use Google Search Console

So to start working on increase website traffic with it you need to go to Google Search Console or click here and then sign in with Google search console (make sure you already submit your website with GSC ready) after we will be going to use google search console to improve our website traffic. 

Let’s begin…

search console overview

After you had login to GSC then you will see this screen after you need to click on “Open Report” to begin and see which page we will need to improve. 

how to use google search console

Then you will see like above image after I want you to click on “Pages” at the below section then you will see the list of pages that you website had ranked on Google.

After you had seen the list of the pages I want you to pick only the page that has high impression and get high number of ranking position then click on it, after you need to click on “Queries”. 

how to use Google search console for traffic

Now you had seen the list of keyword like the image above, so what you had to do is I want you to pick all of those keyword and optimize it within your content and make super thorough after you done that we move to the next step is to ask Google to re-index your page because we had update change our article by doing this your page will getting better SEO.

search console

Now let’s copy the pages that we just updated and get back to the search console after you had to past that you in text box at the top and press enter then Google will re-index your page what you had to is just wait about a week to let’s Google update and index your article, then you will see the result.


You had done of the how to use Google Search Console to improve your website ranking and get more traffic to your website, just follow all the steps I had been share with you then I hope you will see your ranking position improve and get more traffic.

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