Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

How to Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console

When we getting started with SEO, Sitemap is the most important to make your site ranking on the search engine because it helps search engines easy to find your site data.

What is Sitemap?

“Sitemap actually an XML” file that contains the structure of your website that help search engine find the location of your content fast and get easy to index.

Today I will show you how to Submit Sitemap to Google Search with methods but it is really easy to get the start if you are using WordPress to build your website because you can just install the plugin and it will generate a sitemap for you.

Then you have just copied the link and past in your Google Search Console that it…

How to Submit Sitemap to Google

After you had submitted your website URL to Google Search Console the next step you had to do is to submit the sitemap to it to let Google easy to find your website data with the structure mapping.

1. Submit Sitemap to Google Using Rank Math Plugin.

You may have using  Rank Math SEO plugin on your WordPress website to helps you optimize your site fast on search engine optimization.

If you are using this plugin I recommend you to use this SEO plugin because it the best plugin that gives you all of the paid features by another plugin for free.

But if you don’t want any problem the process is similar just following me…

In this awesome SEO tool, it comes with the sitemap function that helps you generate the sitemap link for your site so it was really easy to get the sitemap.

After you can go to Rank Math > Sitemap Setting at your WordPress dashboard menu then you will see the sitemap URL of your sitemap that Rank Math SEO plugin had generated for you.

Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console with Rank Math

After you click there it will bring to the page same the above image So what you have to do just copy the text at the last of your website URL is “sitemap_index.xml” then let go to search console to begin to submit a sitemap to Google.

After you there you will have to do a thing to submit Sitemap to Google search console by just click on the Sitemap menu at the left side dropdown.

Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console If the sitemap Okay then the prompt will popup the Success screen to let you know that your sitemap is already submitted.

submit sitemap to google

Now we are done to submit Sitemap to Google and let’s wait for Google index our website data for ranking opportunity to get free traffic from organic search.

2. Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console using Yoast Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is also the most popular plugin that had many bloggers are using nowadays, So I will also share the way of how you can get the sitemap link from the Yoast to submit it to your Search Console for Google to index your website content to get ranking to search page at the future.

The sitemap that SEO plugin generates for us actually the same, so to get the sitemap from the Yoast you need to go to SEO > Sitemap then you will see your site URL.

The main sitemap would link this…


If everything Okay you will see the list of the structure like the image below.

Submit Sitemap to Google

After the copy, the last of your sitemap then do the same as I had shown on the Rank Math section…

Why Should We Submit Sitemap to Google?

We submit a sitemap to Google because it helps us increase more traffic from the organic search on Google by lets Google know where to go to our content throw the sitemap.

It is a really important part when it comes to search engine optimization because it will help your site perform well on the search SERP.

It is the must-have thing that you can’t skip out if you are serious want the organic traffic from the search engine.

Is Rank Math Submit Sitemap to Google?

No, It actually generates a sitemap url for your website and it keeping up-to-date your data but it doesn’t automatically submit a sitemap to Google.

You need to do by your self manually and it is really easy to do as you had seen I am tutoring you how to do that in the above section.


Here all things you need to know about the submit a sitemap to Google Search Console and I hope you had been a success in submitting your sitemap to Google.

Even you are using Rank Math Plugin or Yoast SEO plugin you able to do the thing find on the method that I had provided you.

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