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6 Internal Link Building Strategies Guide in 2021

Are you wondering about the Internal Link Building Strategies? As we knew that internal linking is the best way that can improve our website SEO ranking and engage the audience with the internal structure, but sometimes it a bit hard to build an internal link strategy if you are new to the blog. 

Don’t worry I’ll guide you everything in this post to help you start the right internal linking that for SEO and engaging your visitors.

Today I will walk you throw my 3 steps process of Internal Link building strategies that will improve your search performance and decrease the bounce rate of your website. Before getting started let’s know about what the exact internal link building is, and how it works…

What is Internal Link Building?

 An internal link is a link from one page to another page on the same domain. We’re talking about regular, text links from one page on your website to another.

Of course, your website navigation is an example of internal linking, but here we’re talking about links in the content, on the pages.

Internal Link Vs Outbound Link

Internal link building differs from the Outbound link building and the processing of the the building also different… 

An internal link differs from the outbound link because we can build the link within our website and in the text content, but the outbound link is the link that we get from other people’s websites.

The Internal Link Building Strategies that Works

I had covered the most beneficial strategies that will help your website get better search engine optimization and improve your ranking position throw internal linking…

Internal linking also helps you keep the visitors stay long times on your website too, it good for the bounce rate.

Let’s get started…

Internal Link Building Strategies that affect search ranking

To build the internal link that works for search engine optimization you need to follow steps before you can build the killer internal links that affect search engine ranking…

A  few days ago I had written content published on my website and I had used internal link building strategies to boost my other post page authority about ” Keyword Ranking Checker” I had used the internal linking to the most relevant page to this article.

Here an example:

internal link building strategies

Okay, let’s move to the strategies…

1. Create Lots of Content

If you want to build more killer internal links you need to have lots of internal pages that can be linking to, If we don’t have content how can we do the internal linking.

So we need to create lots of articles and content marketing strategies on our website that make linkable on the most relevant page in the content.

When you have tons of contents it will have lots of opportunities to create internal links to any pages that are relevant to the keyword you want to link.

An internal linking strategy with lots of content looks less like an org chart and more like a web.

2.  Use Link anchor text

After we had tons of content than while writing new content it will have the most relevant keywords that could be linking to the page that target those keywords, it is the best use of anchor text strategies that you can use to give a link to those pages.

You need to link to the most relevant keywords for the contents that had covered those target keywords and make it a very nice anchor text.

For example: If I write about search engine optimization content it may have keywords like on-page SEO, SEO Content and more…

So I should have an opportunity to link to those content that we had available on our website.

You should be linking to the most relevant page that has a similar topic to your new content it not linking just for the link we need to build link to most relevant topic and it helps your reader to get more reasonable to solve their problem they looking for…

3. Build the natural Link

How to build a nature internal? Well, it really simple you can link from the words or phrases that are relevant to another topic that is related to your new content creation.

As I am an example above, if we write an article about search engine optimization it may contain the word like on-page SEO, SEO Content so it can be the link that we should be linking to the other page.

4. Internal Link for Increase Authority

Page Authority is really good for SEO because it can boost your page ranking on the SERPs, but you know that an internal link can increase your other page Authority?

In this case, we need to build the link from the highest page authority on your website and link it to the page that wants to get high ranking and improve its authority.

You find your website page authority by going to the Moz SEO tool that will help to find the page & domain authority of your website.

If you want to improve your page authority and increase your content ranking on your website to need to get the link from the higher authority from that page that your website has, it is a really important method when it comes to internal link building strategies…

How to get an internal link from the page that has high authority?

Here how…

I start content about SEO Content

internal link strategy

In this article, I had use another internal link that strategy except for the related keyword or phrase by adding the recommendation article.

Here you can see…

internal link building strategy

This is another best internal building strategy for SEO that you can use to increase your page authority and improve your page ranking on the SERP.

5. Number of Internal links

There is no limitation about the internal link building but keep in mind it is good when link to only the link that is most relevant to the article and the page that we really want to get higher ranking on the SERP.

So make sure the content that you try to link to is the most relevant topic to make user good experience.

6. Internal Link that Convert

If you sell products or services on your website you need to mention your product or service when you start content to get more sales.

Here I found the link that one company had used to get conversion…

internal link building strategy that convert

I found this on the Kinsta web Hosting provider company website they guide people about WordPress and at the end of the content they made the internal link that mentions there hosting service…

This is the best strategy that will increase your sales on your website by doing internal linking that mentions products or services.


You can use all of the internal link building strategies to improve your website ranking and get more sales on your website.

It also helps you engage and keep the visitor stay on your website long times too, it is really good for SEO by reducing the bounce rate of your website.

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