How to install wordpress theme

How to Install WordPress Theme

Are you looking for How to install WordPress theme? – In this article I will share with you the beginner guide of How you can install WordPress theme manually by yourself, Website appearance is so important because it help you get a better user experience (UX) so we need to find the best theme for our website there are thousands of themes available include free and paid so you may want to test out few themes to right once.

After install theme it will change your website looks and functions so you need to keep mind about that if you want to switch from existing theme to the new once then you need to backup your website first.

But if you want to install theme on new website you are good to go…

How to Install WordPress Theme

Installing WordPress theme is really easy and there are options that you use to install theme for your website, we will walking to all method that you can install theme on your website fast and easy here what you will learn in this article.

Installing WordPress Theme Using Theme Search

Before we can install theme on our WordPress website we need to login to our website first and we are ready to go…

After you done the login then on the dashboard menu go to Appearance > Theme and then click Add New after you will able to search for a theme.

How to install wordpress theme

Now it time to search for a theme you may had knew some theme then you can search for it, in this case I am going to search for one of the most popular theme called Astra Theme you can search for any theme you like.

how to install wordpress theme

To install this for your website you need to click on Install button and then to make it live on your site you need to click Active.

install & activate theme

Now you are done of install Astra theme on your website to see how it looks you need to enter you website url in browser new tap.

Installing WordPress Theme by Upload Method

The above method you had learned is only can install free theme that available on database, What if you want to install a premium theme from most popular companies like Elegant Themes, GeneratePress, Evato etc…

So we need to using upload method to install one of those on your website, after you had bought a premium theme then you will able to download those theme and it time to upload the theme to install on our website.

To do that you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and then click on Appearance > Theme and then click on Add New after click on Upload Theme button.

Now you have to click on Choose file button to upload the theme that you had download earlies from one of the company that you had bought the theme.

It will prompted you to choose the theme where you located after you need to click on choose file and we ready to get install.

upload & install wordpress theme

After you had choose theme file ready then you need to click on Install Now button after you had done installing WordPress theme then you need to click Activate to make it live on your website.

install activate wordpress theme

FAQ About Install WordPress Theme

1. How many themes can I use in WordPress? – You can only use one theme at a time. However, you can install as many themes as you like. Not all installed themes on your WordPress website are active.

As soon as you activate a WordPress theme, it automatically deactivates your previous active theme and makes the new theme your active theme.

2.  Premium vs Free themes – Which one I should use?  If you are just starting out on a limited budget, then we recommend getting started with a flexible free theme. 

If you can spend a little more, then choose a premium theme. These themes come with priority support which comes in handy particularly for beginners.

3. How do I choose the best theme for my website? – There are so many WordPress themes out there and most of them are designed by professionals so they look really great, this makes it a bit confusing for beginners to choose the perfect theme for their website.

We recommend keeping it simple. Choose a minimalist design that comes close to what you have in your mind. Make sure that the theme looks great on mobile and run a website speed test on the demo site.


It all about beginner guide of install WordPress theme on your website, I hope you will like it and if so please share this article with your friend to let’s them know as you do.

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