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How to Install SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Website

As we knew that SSL Certificate is so important for our website to show the user that our website is a secure place they can visit and it also important to have an SSL Certificate on your website because Google announces that SSL certificate also one of the factors they use to rank a site – Meaning the website has SSL will ranking higher than the one which does not have SSL certificate installed.

Today I will be walking you throw the ways that we can install SSL certificate on your website to make a secure and show a lock icon before your website URL, I will do the explanation of install SSL Certificate in two ways.

Installing SSL certificate yourself is really simple and easy by just following my steps that I will provide you below section, so let’s getting start…

1. Install SSL Certificate Using Plugin

So to getting start you need to login to your WordPress website and go to Plugin > Add New on your left hand dashboard and we ready to go.

How to install SSL Certificate

After you need to search for a plugin called Really Simple SSL everything will be done by the plugin, what we need to do is click install and activate the plugin.  

Now we are done of installing SSL certificate for our website let’s test the if is it working or not what we have to do is just enter https before your website URL example: if perfectly work you will not get unsecure page alert by browser. 

It really simple and easy right? Now let’s moving to the next method that your can also install SSL for your website to make secure by appearing the lock icon in front of your website address for good SEO.  

2. Install SSL Certificate In CPanel

To getting start the installation you need to login to your website cPanel first and than following the steps, on the cPanel page, you need to find the security section by just scroll abet down of the page we will able to install the SSL certificate for our website domain.

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After you have to click on the “Let’s Encrypt paid lock” to getting start installation of the SSL certificate for your website.

And it will bring you to another page which the page of SSL installable…

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To install the certificate for your site you need to pick the domain you want to install and tick on the radio button like an image above and then clicking on the “Install” button.

You had success installing the SSL certificate to your website then the success install a message will pop up just click on the OK button.


This best simple and easy methods that I had been test and share with you, I hope you will like this article if so please this this article with your friend to let’s them know as you do. I am really appreciated and thank you!. 

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