How to write SEO friendly Content

How to Write SEO Content that Drives tons of Traffics

Content is so important when it comes to getting organic traffic from the searches, but there are things you should do before you can drive those traffics to your website.

You need to well “Write SEO content” that match with the Google ranking factors and helps your website get rank faster.

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That is the main point that we will cover in this article today and explain to you how you can write SEO friendly content with methods.

Before we get started let’s know somethings related to SEO Content that we’ll be focusing on this topic which meaning to know some of the basic knowledge about what is SEO? and why they impact content writing?…

Okay, let’s get started…

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for short, It is the rule of the optimizing your website for the search engine to get organic search traffic, there are two different types of SEO that you should know is:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

And there are more factors inside each individual this above SEO strategy that we should optimize to get our content 100 percent right for the search engine to rank.

Why it impacts to write SEO content? 

If you want to rank your content with the search engine,  there are only ways that you can optimize your content for SEO.

It is so important to include those SEO factors with your content writing because it helps your content get to be better optimized for SEO and for search engines to rank yours. 



How to Write SEO Content that drives traffic to a Website

How to Write SEO Content

This is the main point that we are waiting for starting an SEO content to drives organic traffic to the website fast by using some tactics of optimizing your article for SEO and search engine.

Let’s get started…

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is so important when it comes to starting new content creation because it will help to find more ideas around your target keyword that you want to write about.

You can use the keyword research tools like SEMRush to find a good keyword for your new content creation to write SEO friendly content that gets loved by the search engine like Google.

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So to write SEO content, make sure you need to do keyword research to get more ideas of your target keyword whether it is good to start writing or it not if it had a high SEO difficulty score.

But don’t worry, if you seriously want to start that content on your website there is a way that you can find the Low competition keyword which had low SEO difficulty score by using the low competition keyword research strategies click here to learn.

2. How to Put Keyword to Work

After you had done keyword researching now its time you should put your keyword to work for your SEO content to make it better-optimized SEO friendly content for the search engine to get rank.

There several ways that we can use our keywords that will help your content SEO friendly, It is really simple to do that by adding them to the right place that Google is looking on.

Where to put the keyword that works for SEO Content?

As I had mentioned above that there several places that we can add the keyword in to make the content good for SEO, it will list in the below section.

Here are the places we can add…

  • Add your keyword with the Title tag – It must be adding your focus keyword in the title of your article if you don’t do that your content will not good for SEO.
  • Meta Description – This also important to add your target keyword within this, otherwise your content will not good for SEO and search engine to rank
  • Headline – You must add the keywords within your heading tags like (h1,h2,h3…) to make it a well-written SEO content.
  • Image – During you write a content you may have added the image inside that content so I want you to add your keyword within the image alt text to make it SEO friendly content.

It all about adding your target keyword that will work for your write SEO content and we move to the next step of write SEO friendly content.

3. Write the Content that People care about

You need to write something that people are caring about If you write the content that people don’t not looking you won’t get traffic from the search.

So the main thing you should do is to write the content that people are looking for to read.

You may have a question – where we can find the content that people are looking for right?

There is place that you can find the content idea, such as joining the community sites like Quora there are so many people around the world who are using this community forum to “Ask and find the solutions” to solve their problem.

You can signup and find the niche you like to learn about then it will show you the people asked question and answer, but using Quora is just it also can help you to drive more traffics to your website by answer people questions and place your website link there to let people come to your website to read more article the want to learn about…

4. Know Some of SEO Optimization Technical

After you had done your write SEO Content it time you need to optimize your content for SEO, So you need to know some of the SEO optimization technical but if not don’t worry you can use the SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast if you are using WordPress website.

This SEO plugin will tell you everything with your on-page optimization, it will also tell you where to fix if you had an SEO technical issue within your content.

So make sure you had to use one of these SEO plugins on your WordPress but if you already had one it good to go…

5. Become SEO Content Writing

After you had done all the above method your content will become the SEO content writing and It will help your website get a better ranking position on the search.

But keep in mind that only “write SEO content” is not enough to rank your website on Google all the time because that are lots of SEO factors that search engine use to rank a website.

The most important you should do is build your site authority when you had a website that had a high authority your article will get rank faster and get a good position on the SERPs.

To get a high authority site you need to build good quality backlinks to your website the most quality links you had the authority will increase.


So to write SEO content you need to pass all of these methods to make your content get better-optimized for the search engines to index and get rank higher on the SERPs.

Now you had done learned how to write SEO content with the strategy I hope you will love this article.

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