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How to Do Keyword Research Beginner – Pro Guide

Every time when we start the content creation “Make sure we do not randomly pick keyword” when getting deeper to SEO right?  So to make sure you are do not pick the wrong keyword to start writing content about is only doing keyword research to find the information about your target keyword which will feel you get more ideas around your keyword…


The information about your keyword that you got will make tell you to make the decision to start writing your content, whether to start or skip writing that target keyword if the competition is too high or low…

We talk a lot more this deeper in this article that lets you clearly understand why we should do keyword research and what to focus on when doing keyword research? 

But, Keep in mind that when we about to start the keyword research we need to use the best keyword research tool the help find the best keywords for optimizing our content for SEO.

Don’t worry if you are new to this, and don’t know what keyword research tool you should use  I will also recommend you with the best keyword tool.

Here are the tools we can use…

We will use one of these tools for our keyword research that helps us to get benefit from it such as improve our on-page SEO and get more website traffic from organic search…

So let’s begin…

What is keyword research?

It’s the progress of finding the right keywords for new content creation search engine optimization to improve search visibility position and get high traffic from the search organically.

By looking for the minimum competitive of the following…

  1.  Minimum SEO difficulty score
  2. A good amount of search volume
  3. Low Competition Keyword
  4. And more

You will get more out of these when we starting the keyword research on the tool and finding the most valuable keyword that keeps driving more traffic to your website.


Why Should We Do Keyword Research?

We do keyword research because we want to find the information around our target keyword and get that idea to implement those on our content to make it more search engine optimization friendly to improve the content visibility on the search result page.

Okay, now you had known about the definition about keyword research then we will move to the progress of doing that…




How to Do Keyword Research – A Pro Guide from A-Z?

 keyword research

Before we can start to do keyword research you need to know some of the most important things that you should focus on before you do the keyword research.

– Understand your target Audience – When starting a blog that makes money for us is to understand our niche and our target audience what they need and start content solve them only around your nice to solve their problem and give the content that really useful for them to give the best user experience for engaging them to come back to your site.

Okay, let’s dive to do the research…

– How to Do Basic Keyword Research that gives you Ideas

Today I will be using the “Ubersuggest Keyword tool” to help me to do the keyword researching and tutoring with the explanation.

Before we can start the progress we need to go to the tool by clicking here

After you there it will show the search bar that you can enter your target keyword inside of it find to information around your main keyword.

how to keyword research

Now, you can enter the target keyword that you want to research on this tool after you need to click on the Search button to do the research.

After it will bring you to keyword research Overview that lets you see the full information about your target keyword…

How do you start keyword research?

On the Keyword Overview, you will see the information about your target keyword such as:

  • Search Volume
  • SEO Difficulty
  • Paid Difficulty
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

And under that, you will see the chart of the search volume trend by the searched devices…

You can scroll down to see more about your keyword suggestion that help you get more information about it.

How do you do keyword research in 2020

And if you scroll abet more down you will see the content ideas that other people are writing about this keyword on there and get more share on the social so you can use that content to find the idea of how to optimize your content those shares…

What is the best keyword research tool?

You have found out of all the information related to your target keyword but it, not a technique of doing keyword research for success yet.

That is the pro…

– How to Do Keyword Research that Helps your Site Rank Fast

That will be work even if your site had a low score of Domain Authority because you will also able to find only the low competition keyword to write on your site.

So I want you to scroll back to the top and then click the Search Volume section to find more about your keyword for better search engine optimization that works and drive more traffic to your website fast.

keyword research tips

After you had click on it brings you to page like the image below…

free keyword research

You had seen the list of keywords there, In this case, I want you to do filter for the low “SEO difficulty Score”, as you can see the top right of the page there is a filter option that you use to filter out find keyword the way you like.

Why filter for Low SEO Difficulty Score?

Well, the low SEO difficulty score of a keyword is can help your website ranking fast when you start content with those low difficult.

How to keyword research with Ubersuggest

Let’s set the filter of the SEO Difficulty 10 for minimum 30 for maximum then click apply then you will see the list of the low difficult there.

If you had a good amount of domain authority you can filter out much for high like 45 for maximum but the number that I did is really easy to rank.

How to do keyword research from A-Z

Here you see after filtered the SEO Difficulty score I got this list of keywords and now what I should do is just find the keyword that has a good amount of search volume and copy it and save somewhere on my computer.

You can find as many as you can and integrate them within your article it will make your content SEO friendly for a search engine to rank.

Now you had learned about doing your own target keyword research but one more that also helps you find a good keyword to write that generates more traffics to your website by finding the keyword using your competitor domain name.

This is a pro tips…

– How to Do Keyword Research Using Competitor Domain Analysis

You know what? – You can spy you on the competitor, by finding the keyword that had to get more traffic to their website and you can take those keywords to write a better version of content to attract the reader.

So before we can start this progress you need to find out our competitor URL to get started using it finding their ranked keyword the tool.

If you don’t know how to find your competitor you can use this SEO tool called SEMRush…

On SEMRush you had to enter your domain name in the search bar and it will bring all the information about your site SEO and it also includes your competitor URL there.

So now let’s move back to Ubersuggest and start exploring the competitor’s top page by entering the domain on the search bar.

Keyword research using competitor domain analysis

Now enter your competitor’s domain on the search bar of the tool than click on the Search button after you will see a page like an image above.

After I want you to click on Top Pages at the left-hand menu…

Ubersuggest Competitor analysis

After you will see the list of their top pages that have drive most traffic to the website then what I want you to do is click on the “View All” button then it expands the details of that page.

Ubersuggest Competitor analysis

Now you can see the list of the keywords that drive traffic to that specific page then I want you to take all of that keyword and start writing a better version of the content and let’s wait for Google to do the rest of things. 

Important Note: If you have low authority site this method not work for you when you try to copy all the keyword that drive to their page but I want you to find low competition keyword with the low SEO difficulty score and start content then it will help you better SEO optimization for your content for Search Engine to rank.

– How to Do Keyword Research Using Google

Do you know that Google also helps us to find the right keyword that people are asking on the engine?

The answer is Yes, I will show you how Google helps us to find the right keyword people are actually looking for the things to solve their problem…

So we coming up with the content idea and target keyword then I want you to go to and search for the keyword that you want to rank for and let’s see what happens? 

After you searched for your target keyword I want you to find out two places that will help you find the long-tail keywords.

1. People Also ask section

Google Long-tail keyword

After you see this I want you to find the most relevant to your topic and copy them and integrate them into your content such as in the heading tag.

Once you do that your content getting much more search engine optimization friendly…

2. Related Search (@ the bottom of the page)

Google Relate search

It also the same as above want I copy the most relevant and start to integrate them within your content to make your content super thorough and better optimize for the search engine to rank.

– How to Do Long-Tail Keyword Research

One more tool that allows finding the most important long-tail keyword is Answer the Public for your heading tag, this awesome tool what show you all the question that related to your target keyword so you can just find the most important use it for your heading tag like ( h1, h2, h3…).

To get started we need to go to the tool and start doing the rest of the thing…

After you there you will have to see the search bar which allows you to input your target keyword inside of it to find the long-tail question for optimizing your heading tag.

How to do long-tail keyword research  Then enter your target keyword in the search after a click on the “Get Questions” button to get started, It brings you to the next page which shows you all the questions that you can use for your heading tag to make your website content get better search engine optimization…

how to do long tail keyword research 2020

Here are the questions that you can from the search you just have to find the most useful in your thought and use it you heading tags.

While you do all of these your search engine optimization scores will increase your content also much for friendly to the search engine to rank.


Now, You had learned all about How to Do  Keyword Research that helps your site get traffic fast from A-Z and you will increase your traffic to your site really fast by following all of these methods.

I hope you will like it and please don’t forget to share it with your friends to let them know as you do…

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