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5 Google Tools for Webmasters to increase traffic

If you are a new blogger and don’t know what Google tools you should use or wonder about what is Google tools can help you increase your site traffic.

You are in the right place…

Because it this article I will tell you all the must use Google tools for webmasters to increase your website traffic

” There several Google Tools for webmasters” to increase traffic and website SEO.

These tools help you a lot of blogging, content marketing, marketing goal, earn more revenue and search engine optimization to performance your site in Google search results in terms of users are searching to reach your target audience to your business.

Today I will cover the top 5 Google Tools for webmasters that actually used by most marketers and bloggers to help them drive tons of traffics to their business website and gain more sales.

Let’s dive right in…

Why Using Webmaster Should use Google Tools?

We using Google tools because it can be helping us to the following below…

  •  Reach to the target audience
  • Improve site visible on Search
  • Know what your customer looking for
  • Increase sales online.

It all most I had mentioned above section but just to make sure that it can help like that, but make clear to tell you why we should use them.

5 Google Tools for Webmasters to Drive more Traffic to your Website

1. Google Search Console

Google tools for webmasters

Google Search Console is a webmaster tool that allows the site owner to submit their website to Google database before it can crawl the site data and starting index for the future ranking of the content that site owners had shared on their website.

If you had learned some knowledge about what is SEO? you will able to know about the progress of the search engine indexing progress…

But if not don’t worry 🤷‍♂️ I also had content that explaining all of these things working by click here to learn more about that.

This must use Google tools for webmasters if you want to put your website or blog to the next level of growing gain more traffic from the ” Organic Search” with Google.

So to get started using this webmaster tool, you need to have a Google account if not don’t worries really easy to create once.

After what you need to do just go to Google Search Console (GSC) or do searching on Google itself for ” Search Console” then you will able to see the list there.

Then it will ask you to add property and just add site URL there and do the following that Google search console require after you have done that leave it few days to let Google index your site data and you will see what going on with your site such as:

  • How many keywords your site had ranked
  • Which page you had ranked
  • Which Position on Google Search result page (SERPs)
  • And lots more…

Recommend: How to use Google Search Console for SEO?

On the top “recommendation” is the content that shows how you can use the Search Console technical for search engine optimization to increase your search traffic rank higher on SERPs.

Now you had known that Google Search Console is really important for your blog and your business because it can help you reach your target audience by allowing this tool crawling your site from adding your site URL to their crawling database for indexing to increase more organic traffic from the search.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google tools for webmasters 2020

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that helps blogger find the right keyword for optimizing for the new content creation for search engine optimization perfectly to be visible on the search SERPs.

Anyways their tons of the keyword research tools available on the market nowadays that you can use to find good keywords to add them to our article to make a better-optimized content SEO friendly one.

But Google Keyword planner is the most popular once out of them and it free to use, and others are free and paid of use.

Anyways today we are talking about “Google tools for webmasters” then we only focusing on the Google tools only and if you want to know more about the keyword research tool just following this blog you will able to learn more about what keyword research tool that gets the most popular and the must use.

How to start using Google keyword planner?

It not much different from Google Search Console to getting started using this tool by just need your Google account to access the tool.

So here to go to the keyword planner

After you had signed in to Google Keyword Planner then you will able to do keyword with Google keyword planner if you don’t know how to use the keyword planner click here to learn more about how to use the keyword planner to improve your site SEO.

Why Google Keyword Planner?

We use the Google keyword planner for the following details below.

  • Getting your target keyword
  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • Find Relate Keyword
  • Low Competition relate keyword
  • SERP analysis

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a third most important Google tool for webmasters because it will help you to find the trending keyword and niche to you should focus on when starting a blog.

This is used by many bloggers and marketers to increase their business audience throw content marketing because it provided the trend thing around your niche.

I am sure that before your get starting a blog you had know what niche you are focusing on and it is the best thing that you can use Google trend to find the most trending 🔥 keyword within your space for your content marketing to get more organic traffics from the search to your business site.

– How to get started using this tool?

First, you need to go to Google Trends URLs by clicking here.

After you there let enter the keyword around your niche in the search box and see the tending of the niche or the keyword you want to write about with the graph line that this tool provided.

The graph chart will show you how is targeting niche is trending and you able to see and make the decision to start your niche.

This is the must use Google tools for webmasters you should never skip finding the trending keyword around your niche for improving your search ranking on the SERPs.

Why Google Trends?

we use Google trends because it helps us as the following below…

  •  Find new trending top around your niche
  • Improve website SEO
  • Increase site traffic
  • And more…

4. Google Analytics

SEO tools for webmasters

It is the fourth Google tool that webmaster should use – Google Analytics is the best tool that you can use to analyze your site and understanding your audience.

This tool will “track all the actions within your site” and let you analyze to optimize your site for the audience’s desire.

You cannot start a website without this because it helps your lots…

I highly recommend you to use this analytics platform for your blog or business website and place the tracking code within your website and then the rest of the thing it will work for you such as:

  • Tracking traffic
  • Page views
  • Traffic source
  • Bounce rate
  • and much more…

– How to getting started with Google Analytics?

First you need to go to Google Analytics by clicking here. 🏃‍♂️👨‍💻

Then login to Google analytics using your Google account after adding your website URL and then copy the tracking code and place on the head tag <head> of your WordPress and then Google will able to tracking all activities on you site.

After you will able to check the insight data of your site with this awesome analytics platform.

It a must use Google tools for webmasters to use for increase the website search optimization, understanding your audience and tracking the traffic source.

5. Google Adwords

seo tools for webmasters

Google Adwords – is an advertisement platform to let’s marketer and business owner grow more audience from showing paid advertising.

When you ready to give your business to the next level and this platform is right for you to do more marketing by showing an advertisement to your target audience.

It can help you many things on this tool with the different strategies of starting ads to make sure that ads will work the ways you like to do marketing for your business.

You can do a different type of ads with this ads platform such as;

  • Search Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads

This not a go-to Google tools for webmasters because it can be started with a budget, so it, not a recommendation for newbie bloggers.

But if you seriously want to increase traffic with this platform and have enough budget to pay for it. Yes, you can do it.

– How to get start with Google Adwords?

To getting with Google Adwords you need to got it by clicking here

Then login to your Google account to start your ads campaign with this ads platform to increase more traffic, lead, conversion, and sale.


These the most important Google tools for webmasters that you can use to improve your business and website traffic to grow more audience come to your business website and increase more sales.

I hope you will love to use all of these Google tools…

For getting ideas and move your blogging or online business to the next level for earn more revenue and get benefit from all of these tools.

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