How to find Low Competition Keyword Research

How to Find Low Competition Keyword for SEO

There are so competitive keywords now when it comes to SEO you need to be very technical to find the “right keyword for writing content” that helps your website rank fast on the search.

 So we should find low competition keyword…

But if you are having high domain authority like 85 – 90 score it not very had to rank but if you are lower than that it is not easy you going to get rank when you pick high competition keyword.

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But there are ways that we can find the “Low competition keyword for your blog” to write and get ranking fast on Google, so you need to be really smart of finding the strategies to find the right keyword for your new content creation that will help you rank faster with less competition.

It will take abet of time to do those technical methods that will learn abet later on this article, you will know everything about how to find the most profitable keyword with the low competition that will make your content better SEO optimization and get more organic traffic from the search. 

Before we getting started to let me tell you something about doing the low competition keyword research that we will use the SEO tool to find those keyword and keyword research tools will the technical things for us.

What we had to do is by just the use of the control the functional that tool provided…

Today I will use one free keyword research tool called “Ubersuggest,” which I think some of you may know about this tool but anyways it good to be mention because some people are new to start a blog so we need to things in details to make them easy to understand.

This tool is actually free for everyone and was bring this awesome to by Neil Patel he shared this amazing tool for free to all bloggers and marketer to use and it was really good tool. 

So, let’s getting started…

How to Find Low Competition Keyword for SEO


Before getting started on doing keyword research you need to have the keyword that you want to rank for your new content then we will do the research with Ubersuggest.

You can start to do the keyword research with Ubersuggest by clicking here to go to the tool…


After you click on the link above it will bring you to landing page of the Ubersuggest and what you have to do is by entering your keyword in your search bar to start the research and get information about your target keyword whether it good to go or not, if it is not then we will try to find low competition keyword around your target keyword which is the similar keyword that you are trying to rank for on the SERPs.

how to keyword research

Here you go, after you had entered your keyword then click on the Search button to get the information about your keyword and then we will move on to the goal point of we want to do to “find low competition keyword”.


Now you can see the information about your keyword and you need to focus on the above section which is:

  • Search Volume
  • SEO Difficulty
  • Paid Difficulty
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

But as we a content writer I want you to focus on only the section which is Search Volume and SEO Difficulty and two others are not important for content creation it uses for the paid advertising network.


As you can see the target keyword I want to find now have a good amount of search volume but the main thing we need to focus on is the SEO Difficulty of it is very high which means it is so competitive and hard for us to rank on Google.

So, we need to find the keyword that will get easy to rank which is the SEO Difficulty score should be less than 30 but don’t worry we will do the strategy to find low competition keyword.

To find a low competition keyword I want you to click on the Search Volume on the top left of this page and will get started to find low competition keyword for our content that makes it get rank fast.

How to find low competition keyword


After you had click on the Search Volume section then it will bring you to the next page that we will be focusing on to find the right keyword and get them to use on our content to make it more SEO friendly content that will get fast index and get rank fast.


We will use some technic to find low competition keyword with this tool by using the filter function that it provided which we can filter out things.

free keyword research

After you had click on search volume section it will bring you to this page, but it not what we want to focus on, so you can see at the top right there is a filter option that we can use to filter the keyword then I want you to click on it to start to find low competition keyword.

How to find Low competition keyword


So, after you had click on the filter option then it will show up this (same image above) then I want you to set the filter of SEO Difficulty score of the maximum to be 30 then click Apply button then it will show up the keyword that has SEO Difficulty 30 and less than that…

How to find low competition keywords in 2020

Here are the keywords that I had filtered and It is the good amount of SEO difficulty that we can use to start our content with to make our content get higher ranking on Google super faster.


But one more thing I want you to do is finding the keyword that has a good amount of search volume and copies them save some on your computer and you can do it as many as you can and start writing your content by adding those keywords within it to make it much more SEO friendly content.




Now, you had learned how to find low competition keyword for optimizing your new content for SEO and it will help you get a better score optimization.

I hope you will like this article…

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