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Moesif raises $12M in Series A Funding led by David Sacks


To create superior developer experiences, Moesif, which offers product insights on how clients use their APIs and toolset, has raised a $12 million Series A headed by David Sacks and Arra Malekzadeh of Craft Ventures. Malekzadeh will also join Moesif’s board. Merus Capital, a previous investor, also took part in the fundraising round, increasing the startup’s total funding to $15.5 million.david sacks 12m series sequoiasilberlingtechcrunch. As a result of Moesif’s “bottom-up” virality within businesses, its income is expected to increase by over 20% MoM in 2021 as clients depend on it for crucial user behavior insights. Moesif intends to hire in technology, sales, developer relationships, and client services with the new cash. 

Companies of Moesif now include huge corporations like Deloitte and UPS as well as both fast-growing startups like Tomorrow.io and Symbl.ai. These customers are heavily utilizing API-first tactics in the financial, health tech, logistics, and enterprise software sectors. Product owners can use Moesif to measure intricate activation funnels (such as how long it took programmers to sign up and initiate their maiden API call) or to strategically contact customers who are having difficulty using the API.

Derric Gilling, co-founder and CEO of Moesif, stated that “The Craft team provides a plethora of information and best practices regarding bottom-up SaaS companies and their revenue momentum that will be valuable for us in the upcoming years.” “Today’s knowledgeable consumers want to assess technology on their conditions, so a top-down, outbound sales technique is no longer effective. In addition to being developer-first in its approach to the market, Moesif’s goal is to work with other product leaders to improve developer-first experiences through the use of Moesif. Craft’s distinctive background fits perfectly.

According to Arra Malekzadeh, the Craft investor who oversaw the investment, “Moesif has remarkable success with the product and engineering teams trying out its network, becoming obsessed with the product, and then implementing it at scale throughout their enterprises.” We are thrilled to assist the firm during its upcoming phase of expansion because of how quickly Moesif spread from technical to business teams.  

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