Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

10 Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

One of the most important tasks for a digital marketer is monitoring website traffic. One has to do it consistently if one is to benefit from it. However, it is not only your website’s traffic that you need to monitor to benefit your site. It is also beneficial to know how your competitors are doing.

If you check your competitors’ website traffic, you can gain a lot of information concerning their page visits, unique visitors and their best keywords

This will help inspire you to do better with your website to achieve greater success.

Below are some of the best website checker tools that are found online. You will find some sites that give you free information as a starter but for more advanced features, they will require you to pay a minimum fee.

The Best Website Traffic Checker Tools


1. SimilarWeb

Best Web Traffic Checker Tools

If you want to see the kind of traffic that a website gets, then SimilarWeb is the tool to use.

When you enter the website you want to analyze, all the information can be viewed concerning in-depth traffic, SEO, and audience data.

To see how the website is bringing in traffic, there are many viewing options offered and different graphs.

The most important information that you can get from these different views is exactly where your traffic is coming from. There are many different sources of traffic including organic, referral, search, email, direct and more. You will also be given the website or application from which they were directed to your site.

You will also be given a graph view to see the percentage of each particular type of traffic and from the sources, they came from. Like, if traffic comes from referrals, then they will be broken down from where they were referred, social traffic will be broken down by the social media sites they came from, and so on.

These traffic metrics are important to follow. You will know if your visitors are increasing, where they are coming from, and how it is changing over time.

This site also publishes the Top Website Rankings which give you the top-ranking sites according to category and country. You can also see the stats of specific domains.

In this site, you can easily get the global rank, country rank, and category rank of any website. If you are after checking how websites compare with each other, then this is the right tool for you. You can scroll down the page and there you will see other stats including monthly traffic, average visit duration, pages per visit, and bounce rate.

If you continue scrolling down the page you will see many more details including traffic source breakdown, social media traffic, top referring sites, audience demographics, and much more. These are all available for free.

With SimilarWeb, you can get a thorough competitor analysis. It delivers precise and detailed website traffic information. You can say that this is the best website traffic estimator tool.

2. Ahrefs

Best Web Traffic Checker Tools is another tool where you can check site traffic that may be worth your time. When you want to conduct link research, this is the right tool to use. This site updates their index every 30 minutes so that you able to get fresh and reliable data all the time.

In this site, you can see an accurate measure of a sites’ monthly search traffic. It will also give you a detailed breakdown of the source of the traffic and the types of keywords that are bringing in traffic. 

Backlink information is also provided. This information includes which sites are linking to the site, how often they are linking, and how that data change over time. also has a ranking database of 45 million keywords coming from many different countries. Results are shown efficiently and data can be exported and reports filtered accordingly.

Although is a traffic estimator tool, it is more of a link checker tool. You will find in this site many new links gained or lost in recent times. You will find much valuable information for link research within its interface.

You can gain information on organic traffic on this site but with a good level of accuracy. The numbers may not be 100% accurate but it is very useful if you are doing a comparative analysis.

You can sign up for a free trial for 14 days. The number of days of free use can already give you a lot of value and data for making decisions. If you want to subscribe, you can do so for at least $99 for their lowers plan. A subscription will give you access to different features like Labs/Tools, site explorer, SERP analysis and reports. It may be expensive but you get good quality data.

3. Alexa

Best Web Traffic Checker Tools

A website’s popularity is predicted with the Alexa tool. Even though they don’t have accurate traffic numbers, this tool will let you compare your website to other websites accurately.

General and common traffic trends can be monitored by this tool. The extensive index they provide, however, can only be accessed by those who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser.

Alexa also gives you the top search queries list for a given website. Here you can find the keywords that are doing well. However, Alexa is not able to provide traffic estimation for small or new websites, or those websites that only get a handful of visitors each month.

This tool is very reliable if you are comparing websites in the same industry. Data can also be analyzed from unique visitors from every country.

You will see the Alexa rank of any website that you search for. It gives you the global Alexa rank and the Country Alexa rank. It also gives you a chart which shows the rise and fall of rankings over the past year. It also gives you information on demographics and keywords but in a limited way. Although the information is little, it is enough if you simply want to compare 2 sites for their popularity.

If you want more than the limited data you can access for free from Alexa, then you need to upgrade to the Insight plan which costs $99 per month. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

Using the Alexa tool is free, but if you will perform site audits, it will cost you $199.

4. SEMRush

Best Web Traffic Checker Tools

SEMRush is primarily an SEO tool. This means that you can use it to find and target keywords that would bring more traffic to your website. But you can also use it to get information on the kind of search traffic a website gets. You simply enter the desired domain name into the search bar and then select the perform traffic analysis’ option. 

This will let you know the source of traffic whether search engines, referral sites, social media, etc. It also shows you how much traffic comes from each country.

You can track website traffic with SEMRush but it will not give you absolute traffic numbers. This tool is useful if you want to compare search traffic patterns between sites. In this case, SEMRush provides you with accurate information.

This site provides top keywords for a given site. 

But more than that, it also provides you with an actual number and search engine position for the top keywords. You can also check out stats by country and check out search patterns regionally.

You can use this tool for free. It gives you 10 free searches daily. But you only get access to a basic overview. 

If you want more data, then you need a paid plan which starts at $100 per month.

SEMRush, when compared with other tools, is the most accurate one. This is why it is a very reliable tool as a website traffic checker. If you know how to use this tool, then it will give you a lot of value from it.

This tool ranks keywords and key phrases. It gives you an estimate of any site’s traffic and the keywords that site uses so that its traffic or number of visitors is improved.

As a tool for checking traffic to websites, this tool has some limitations. Their free version gives you a lot of basic data, but if you want a full list of information for analyzing site traffic that you and your competitors receive, then you need to pay $499 for it.

In their free version, you can view the list of keywords and the rank of your competitors using these terms. This is beneficial for bloggers and website owners.

SEMRush does not just provide you with the general traffic on a website but it also provides a breakdown of the keywords that were searched for by users to arrive at the site. This tool can be very helpful if you want to find out which keywords your competitor ranks for. Although the information is not completely accurate, SEMRush works well if you just want an initial overview.

5. Quantcast

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

Quantcast, compared with other tools, is perhaps the most accurate traffic estimator tool. However, they have a very limited data set compared with other tools.

The reason for this is that before Quantcast can start collecting data, a website must set up Quantcast’s data collection feed. Once set up, Quantcast can then estimate the traffic for that site. If sties don’t participate then Quantcast cannot accurately estimate the traffic for that site. This is why lesser-known websites’ stats cannot be found in Quantcast.

You can find many amazing data for sites that are tracked by Quantcast. They have a very insightful demographics breakdown which includes visitor ethnicity, media interests, occupation, shopping interest, and political affiliation. It also shows a count of unique daily visitors as well as unique monthly visitors to a website.

6. Google AdWords Display Planner

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

This tool has impressive accuracy, but its website traffic checker only provides estimates. It can help you find the traffic of top websites in a certain location. Demographic data is also provided on this site. It provides you the gender and age distribution as well as the device they use.

The website traffic estimator tool gives you important traffic metrics. This includes the average number of page views per visitor, total page views, unique visitors, average time on site, total unique visitors to a website in a month, and much more.

However, it may not be too effective in making predictions when it comes to traffic. But you can still use this tool to learn about the interests of your audience and other important metrics that are related to the traffic on your site.

This is a practical tool for beginners since it does not cost anything. There are no additional fee-paying functions. So, you can check as many websites as you want. This tool will provide you all the data that you need to analyze other websites.

With this tool, you don’t only analyze website traffic, it also teaches you about your target group and gives you helpful keywords that you have missed out on.

7. Website IQ

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

Website IQ is also the best Web Traffic checker tool that we can use to find how much traffic we got monthly. This tool will bring all the data of your website traffic with state of graph it also has lots more options like Website details that show you what the website all about, Search Keyword it show what keyword you had drive traffic to your website but this section you need to subscribe to pro plan to see it, Social Activity it show the activity of your brand on social media you had.

8. SE Ranking

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

Here is another traffic checker too that you can use simply. You simply need to enter the domain if you know the traffic details of the site. You can choose and country and the search engines used. This research tool will also allow you to get data about organic and paid search results, analyze traffic, keywords, ranking distribution, and even ad history.

In their overview of organic traffic, it gives you a view of the distribution of traffic all over the world. This includes dynamics and forecasts. Another important aspect of this tool is to paid traffic research. This tool provides you with data that can help you analyze traffic at the keyword level, see ads, and get information about your competitors; budgets.

If you choose the SE Ranking tool, you get an SEO platform that can be used by both beginners and professionals alike. The tool kits include Keyword rank tracker, website audit, competitor SEO/PPC, backlink checker and monitor, and more.

9. Google Analytics

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

Google Analytics is a traffic checker tool that is free. It is very helpful in getting general trends which it comes to regional information, a list of key phrases, and key phrase groups. It also gives you many insights from other markets.

The main function of Google insight is to make you know what the best key phrases and groups of key phrases are concerning rankings. You will be given information on what groups of key phrases are the most helpful in driving more traffic to your website.

However, the data they provide is quite complex and difficult to read for newbie bloggers to digest. The data provides mostly search terms, key phrases, and trends. So, the search volume corresponds to the site’s traffic.

10. SiteWorthTraffic

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools

Here is another free website traffic checker where you don’t even have to register to use. There is no information that you cannot get for free on this site. It doesn’t try to sell you expensive subscription. You simply need to enter the website that you want to analyze and with a single click, you will be given all of the information that you will need including estimated traffic and an assessment of the value of the examined website.

Information not found in other tools is given on this site, and that is an estimate of how much a site earns from ads. It gives you daily, monthly, and yearly numbers

This site also gives you interesting information about the most popular websites in the world. It also provides you with information on the most successful websites in the world and what they are worth.

This tool works well for a quick overview. The data it provides cannot be compared with the data given by other tools but this site gives you data on smaller, more unknown websites.

You can choose any of these tools to check website traffic. But remember that none of these tools is 100% accurate. The data they provide is based on incomplete data. But still, these traffic checkers give you value because they show the general trends. The information they provide like page visits, unique visitors, and the best keywords are very helpful in giving you insight for further research.

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