15 Best Google Fonts for Blogger

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You know what? styling font nowadays is really appearing and eyes catching for the blog that use the awesome font on their site to give the user experience and high quality design…

So today I will share you the “best Google fonts” that had used on many popular blog to help the content writer get a better clear design article to share with reader. 

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And also teach you how to find the fonts from your favorite blog and let see what font that is using to build their awesome blog with.

There are lots of fonts available on Google but today I will “pick only the most popular fonts” to share that help improve your website interface for better user experience.

You can find more fonts your own self if you want to, by going to Google fonts library, click here to go.

Okay, let’s started…

15 Best Google Fonts for Blogger to Use

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1. Poppins

What is the best Google font?

Poppins is one of the most beautiful Google fonts that I had seen and there are a lot of people talking about this font that is great for their website to use.

2. Lato

Best Google Fonts for heading

Lato is best Google which I had using this website as you can see the style of the fonts on my article here, It is the must use for your website when you want the awesome fonts to give your user a good experience.

3. Roboto

What fonts are best for websites?

Roboto is and choice of the best Google that had used by many popular websites on the internet, so you can also check out this for your website if you want to.

4. Open Sans

Google Fonts

Open Sans Pro also the best Google fonts that actually need to check it out to get the right fonts for your website and get good quality content with this font performance.

5. PT Sans

What font is best for numbers?

Here also the best Google fonts that had use included by many premium WordPress themes like Divi, Astra, Generate Press and more…

So I highly recommend this font to you to use on your website too…

6. Archivo

Best Google Fonts for Blogger 2020

It is another choice of the best Google fonts that you need to check out, I also want to share with this font because of its good fonts that perform really well.

7. PT Serif

What is the font used by Google?

When it comes to style PT Serif is really good for you, It must check out fonts that you need to use on your blog to make a good looking website.

8. Ubuntu

What is the most professional font to use?

Ubuntu is the best Google fonts that bloggers should keep eyes in with the great design of this font because it performs really well on a website.

9. Oswald

Best Google fonts of website header

I will recommend this best font because it looks really nice and clean design it fits any type of theme and web design.

10. Noto Sans

Best Google Fonts

Here you need to check out this font too because of it also a good one that can make your article look really clean and good design.

11. Source Sans Pro

What is the most professional font to use?

It is another best choice for a blogger when it comes to change fonts because it looks really good in my opinion it beautiful font.

12. Oxygen

Best Google fonts download

The list is going on of the fonts but Oxygen is also the best Google fonts in 2020 that had many bloggers use this on their website.

13. Nunito

Best Google Fonts 2020

Nunito is another fonts alternative of the other fonts which also the best Google fonts every time come to fonts changing.

14. Lora

Best Google Fonts for website

A cool font that I had seen, and you also can check it out to use on your website this font is great for you when it comes to finding good fonts.

15. Exo

Best Google for Website 2020

It is a style font that you need to check out because it performs really well and it good with the styling so I also recommend you check it out too.

What is the best Google Fonts in 2020?

For the best Google fonts, I had a list of my favorite but I am not sure they are thinking the same as me or not but anyway I will list it to make sure you can see my best Google fonts in my opinion.

  1. Poppin
  2. Source Sans Pro
  3. Lato
  4. Roboto


How to Check Your Favorite Blog Using Fonts

If you are lazy of checking out the list of the font and you may have seen your favorite blog that you always visit.

So today I will share with you how to find the font that they are using on their blog and you also can choose that font as yours too.

So to getting started with finding the font from your favorite blog, we need to use one Google extension called “What Font” to get this chrome extension click here.

After you need to install and add it to your Chrome browser and then we ready to go…

Open up your favorite blog and start to find the font that they had used, So I will go to NeilPatel.com and find font he using as an example.

After you had open up the favorite blog then you need to click on the What Font icon on the chrome menu bar at the top right.

Best Google Fonts 2020

So here is the result of the website using a font – he had used the “Geomanist” font family, so it all about it and I hope you will find your favorite one and use on your blog and start a beautiful blog that makes money for you.


Here are all about the best Google fonts that you can use on your website to make looking good design and how to find the font from your favorite blog and use that font on your blog too.

I hope you will like it…


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