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8 Best Blogs for Women to Follow in 2021


Have you ever felt a lack of inspiration? Are you looking for some blogs especially related to women? Are you keen on women’s health, lifestyle, fashion…? 

Then keep reading! Today we will be talking about the 8 best blogs women, which will help you to be fitter and healthier, update the latest trends if you are into fashion and style,.. in fact, here you will find everything you were looking for! 


We have chosen these blogs, specifically created for women, to inspire you, empower you… help you become a better version of yourself! So, without further ado, let’s start talking about the best women blogs you will ever find in 2020. 

Are you ready?

All of the examples mentioned below aim to inspire you and give you the advice you need to be happier and more satisfied with your life. 


The 8 Best Blogs for Women to Follow


Let’s go!



A Cup of Jo Classified as one of the best lifestyle blogs for women all ages, here you can find all kinds of information concerning, healthy meals, relationships, design, travel… 

As you can imagine, it is focused on helping women to live happier by eating healthier, getting to know their style… but, who’s behind all of this? Let me introduce you to Joanna Goddard. 

She started writing in 2007 and used to share her thoughts and lifestyle. She’s French but was raised in England and Michigan. But it was in New York City, in 2001, when she launched her career.

To help other women, Goddard has written a bunch of articles giving the advice her readers always need. 

Her main priority is to make feel women powerful and inspired, letting them know that they are important and that they should always follow her dreams! 

Due to the amazing success, Joanna Goddard, who is also a mother, has made of her hobby her full-time job.

If you are looking for a successful blog with plenty of articles and information concerning style, design, food, travel, relationships, and motherhood… 

This is your blog! After reading it, you will be truly inspired and you will not be able to think about something else apart Joanna and her wonderful blog. Don’t waste your time and go check it out this best blogs for women!



Best blogs for women

Are you more interested in professional advice concerning work, money goals and lifestyle? Then this is your blog! Hello, Giggles is a blog created by the musician Zooey Deschanel, the producer Sophia Rivka and writer Molly McAleer launched in 2011, which goal is to encourage a positive community for women and their well-being.

 As we have already said, apart from women empowerment and money advice, you can also read articles about beauty, fashion, relationships, entertainment, and lifestyle.

If you are wondering why this is one of the best blogs for women in 2020, you should know these three women write about issues that matter most yo women’s lives. 

Their aesthetic is based on minimalism and aims to present a healthy lifestyle, but not just about fitness, about everything in life! These real-life issues that most women experience in their lives are talked through the blog itself to help and try to improve women’s lifestyle.

However, you will not find information concerning motherhood, like the previous one. To compensate this, as it has been already explained, you will find many articles about ones’ career, financial tips… do you want to become an empowered woman? Check this out and look for all kinds of information… ready to start with this new lifestyle? 

It is the best blogs for women to follow.



Best blogs for women in 2020

Is getting fit and living a healthy life one of your main goals in life? Really? Well, you are lucky because Daily Burn is all about fitness, which focuses on helping women (younger or adults) who want to be active and fit! Unlike the ones above, this blog is an American company owning more than 150 brands. Looking for workout videos and healthy habits? Keep reading!

Thousands of video and audio workouts are available on the blog just to help you with your new and healthy lifestyle! Moreover, you can also enjoy some live workouts every day to keep you focused on your goals. From yoga to HIIT… you decide what to do! Furthermore, you can receive special attention because you can have personalized workouts for every level.

For this blog, it is required to sign up and create an account. However, this is not a free blog and you must pay membership to enjoy thousands of workout videos. If you are not sure whether you should join “Daily Burn” or not, you must know that there is a 30-day FREE trial, just to give you the best experience ever! Try it now for free and then decide if you want to continue having fun and getting fit with this blog because one thing is sure… you will be fit as a fiddle!



best blogs for women free

Do you feel like if fashion and style run in your blood? We think that, too! This is one for the best blogs for women and has been made exclusively for women whose biggest passion in life is: fashion. Jennifer Davidson this the editor of the blog.

Which was founded in 2001 and has been progressing advising plenty of women out there concerning style, wellness, beauty tips, celebrity stuff, and fashionable clothing. Many people have also agreed that the most useful article ever written here was about drugstore face masks that actual dermatologists use… as you can see, the advice and tips are always completely true and verified by specialists.

Here you will find the perfect articles if you do not know how to put an outfit together or you just want to innovate a little bit your wardrobe.

Which is always a good idea! What is on-trend right now? “Do you want to make an impression? 

What can I wear to work if it is freezing out?” If you have ever asked your friends or even yourself that question… let me tell you just found your perfect blog. 

The only problem will come when you realize you have spent hours and hours reading their amazing articles or even buying online because, yes… you are right, you can go shopping through their blog! Isn’t that awesome?

Furthermore, if women’s blogs about fashion and beauty are your thing, but you are also passionate about celebrity stuff, here you will find many information and famous outfits that you may find interesting! (Who does not like these celebrity outfits, though?) From the Golden Globes Awards to the Oscar’s, you will relax and immerse in the fashion and the celebrity world in your very own living room! Let’s be real… the Fashion Spot is everything you were looking for. Come on! They are waiting for you!



best women blog in 2020

You were not thinking Cosmopolitan was going to be forgotten, were you? We could never miss it! If you were looking for the best women blogs Cosmopolitan should be included in the list. This is one of the most well-known blogs for women.

Its fame is due to its large experience in this specific sector considering its first article was written and published in 1886. This New Yorker blog for women focuses on celebrity news, dating and relationship advice, beauty tips, fashion and last but not least, sex tips for those women who need to spice up their lives! 

If you did not believe this blog was not one of the most popular among women on the Internet, you should know they count with more than 10.6 million followers on Facebook, 3.1 Million followers on Instagram… how is this even possible? 

Why is everyone so obsessed with “Cosmo”? Keep reading to find it out!

First, every woman is welcome to join and subscribe to their blog because one of their primary goals is to make women feel empowered, loved and proud of themselves.

You can find articles about beauty and fashion trends to improve your style or find inspiration, about fitness and nutrition tips which can help you live a better and healthier life based on their experts’ opinions, about celebrity news and also about life and work tips that can be useful if you want to organize yourself a little bit better.

Furthermore, the blog has an online shopping option going from moisturizers to even accessories for your pet! Everything you desire, everything you always wanted… 

You can find it here, on Cosmopolitan! You can ask their millions of followers for their opinion if you do not believe how amazing this is! Check it out for free and get lost on their fascinating articles and videos with a simple click. 

It is also the another best blogs for women to follow.



best blogs for old women

Are you a woman over 50 years old who is looking for the best blogs for women your age? “Sixty and Me” is the one you needed in your life! The owner of this blog is Margaret Manning, a sixty-year-old woman who certainly thinks that age should not be the factor that determines who is sexy or hot. 

This blog is ideal for women near her age facing retirement, style, fashion, savings, health… (being healthy is always important and we should all be careful about and take care about ourselves, but even more when we are talking about senior citizens: women whose interests will match this blog.) 

Ready to get lost in this fantasy blog?

Margaret Manning decided to start “Sixty and Me” to help other women her age, who might be facing rough times, to live as happy as possible and healthy, physically and mentally. She truly believes in developing a positive mindset through her online community formed by more than 500000 women! This is huge! To achieve her goals, Manning’s blog has several articles and videos discussing the total amount of seven fields of study. “You are never too old to embrace change and start over!” is one of her slogans aiming to encourage women to have a positive attitude and start living their best life, now!

Are you the empowered, strong and amazing woman that Margaret Manning is talking about? Then go and join the blog, and discover the authenticity of your life… to finally learn to pursue what truly matters: Your personal growth at your 60s! If these words speak to you, you should stay connected and join this wonderful community! More than 500000 women have already done it, so… why haven’t you?


best blogs for mom

“These blogs for women are amazing, but I am a mom and I do not relate to any of the above… do you know any blogs for women who are also a mom, like me, for example…?” To answer your question… YES! Absolutely! “The Mom Edit” shares the topics already mentioned, but from a different point of view. 

This blog is about a mom’s life! If you are also a Mom, you have kids, and you maybe start feeling like you do not have any time for yourself, we found the best blog for you! Discover everything you think that you have missed with just a click! Keep reading!

Shana Draugelis founded this blog for women in August 2008, dedicated to giving information to casual style, beauty, travel… 

But she also talks about home decor and most of the real-life issues that Moms face on their daily routines. 

There are not plenty of blogs on the Internet, which talk about some topics concerning home decor, home design, how to pack when traveling if you have a big family, how to choose the right place to travel with your family… 

A lot of tips on everything around being a Mom are easily found in her blog, which will make you feel more organized and, more importantly, gives an example to your kids!

Draugelis started with her blog because she wanted to share her thoughts, not only about fashion and beauty, but also those concerning motherhood. 

Not a single woman is fully prepared to take this huge step of their lives and that is why she began with this journey! Encouraging women to be better and live with a positive attitude, “The Mom Edit” has also thousands of followers, mostly mothers, (obviously), who feel more inspired and happier every day. 

Moreover, you can access their shop section in their blog if you saw something you liked in an article you read. Join this amazing blog and discover while learning how to be the best version of yourself, how to live your best life being a mother! If you are into this, do not wait anymore… 

Check it out this best blogs for women now!



best blog for women

Last but not least, “Career Girl Daily” is a blog dedicated to young women, who want to make their dreams come through. Do you relate? This is your blog! Celina and Ellen founded their blog in August 2014 pursuing the same goal: to motivate women to achieve anything they want and desire. Close to “Cosmopolitan”, more or less, this inspiring blog for women counts with millions of readers all around the world. 

How is this possible? Why are there millions of readers out there already subscribed to “Career Girl Daily”? Let’s find out…

First, it must be pointed out that in 2015, the blog won the Bloglovin award since it was considered The Best Blog to Improve Life. 

The founders desperately wanted to encourage their family and friends to fight for their dreams and let them know they could do everything they wanted. 

That is the main reason why they started with the blog: to make them feel powerful and in charge of their future… !”Fight for your dreams!” would Celina and Ellen say. Their extremely pleasant aesthetic makes the blog look inspiring and relaxing. 

Furthermore, you can find inspiration about lifestyle such as planning tips, bullet journaling, wellness, tips for success, money management… Through their articles, you will find all kinds of content which will help you daily… we are not saying it, their millions of trusted readers are!

If you think a pleasant aesthetic and motivation to pursue your dreams is what you have been looking for, this blog will certainly make you feel happier and more inspired… finally ready to archive all your goals! You can also subscribe to receive the latest tips and check their online shop called “CDG LONDON”. “Smash your goals so hard, they won’t know what hit them.” 

If you want to be successful and happy… this is the best blogs for women that you needed in your life!




All in all, today we have talked about the 8 best blogs for women in 2020 that you should read. Blogs are essential to us because they help us organize ourselves better, look for inspiration, tips… Make sure to check out these blogs, created exclusively for women like you, if you are looking to become the best version of yourself. 

We are certain that today you’ve found your blog, so… what are you waiting for to start reading?

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