How to Start A Blog that Makes Money

How to Start A Blog that Makes Money

As the technology is so improving people start using the internet to find the solution, buy product and more…

So there are ways that we can start a blog that makes money” online by sharing our knowledge to solve people problem in the specific topic to the internet and start make money from it throw displaying at advertising from the ad company or selling your own product.


To make money from your blogging, it sounds really great, right?

YES,  you really can do that…

But the first thing you need to do is starting to find a good niche with a specific topic with your passion and love because if you start blogging with the topic that you know and you don’t like it won’t a good idea to start you will feel lazy of doing that.

So I recommend you to start the niche that you are really good at, and passionate about it so the progressing of the blogging and content creation will unique for the reader and doing with your love so you won’t feel lazy of what you are doing.

But there is the question that you should know before you start a blog – Are people also blog the same topic you choose?

The answer is Yes, You can do a search on Google with your niche and you will see the result that it provide so it means that people also blog the same niche as you.


blog that makes money


If the people also blog the same topic I will do so how I will make money from it?

There are ways that you can compete with those bloggers, So that why I am recommended you to do a blog with your passion topic and you should choose a specific thing and start creating the content that attract to the reader and better search engine optimization to “get higher rank on the SERPs”.

So this method will helps you get more traffic come to your website then it can start generating more sale or display ads on your site to make money from it.

No worries, I walking you throw method that helps you start the right blog that generate more traffic to website and earn more revenue.

Okay, now let’s getting start of start a blog that makes money for you…

How to Start A Blog That Makes Money?

 start a blog that generate money

There are steps of progressing that we need to do to build a blog that makes money for us,  all of the steps are really important that must to do if we seriously want to make benefit from it.

So let begin doing the rest of things…


1. Coming Up with Ideas & Niche


There are reasons and ideas that make us want to blog, so mean that we already what we want to blog in our mind but only some of the technical things we don’t to make it generate us money.

There are lots of blogging niche that you can start with such as:

  • – Fashion & Lifestyle
  • – Education
  • – How to blog
  • – Tech
  • – News
  • – And more…

That you can start blogging with…

After you understand what you are good, as I mention above section that we should do a blog with a specific thing because of the internet so competitive that why the specific blog is really good for generating more traffic and easy to optimize for the search.

So make sure you find the right blogging niche to that fit with your ability to do awesome content creation to attract your reader and make good experience to let them come again to read your other blog content and make your blog that makes money for you at the future.

 2. Start a Blog with WordPress


After you had picked the niche that you had good at, now it time to start building your blog with WordPress and start sharing your content on the internet so we can start a blog that makes money for us.

But you may have a question “Why we should start a blog with WordPress?”  if there are lots of blogging platforms out there?

We choose to start blogging WordPress then other because this blogging platform is really popular and you can get full control of your own site.

There are a lot of themes and plugins that you can use your needed functionality for your requirement when it needed.

Because by default WordPress would not have enough function that you desire so you can find out the plugin that will you in your specific desire.


– How to a start blog with WordPress?


For getting started a blog with WordPress you need to have a hosting company that will help you host your website with them. 

I highly recommend you to Siteground because this hosting provider company is the really fast host and secure your site with low cost and a lot of benefits.

siteground ads banner

Don’t worry, I will show you how to set up your WordPress website with Siteground.

Just follow my steps below…

First, go to the Siteground website to getting started by clicking here

After we will walk to all the steps of getting start setup your WordPress website for start to finish that make you easy to follow.

Now let’s dive right in.

After you had clicked on the link that I had provided then you will bring you to the hosting page and what we had to do is choosing the WordPress hosting package.

start a blog that makes money

Click on the “Get Started” on the WordPress Hosting to move the next step of setting up your WordPress website.

Then it will bring you the WordPress Hosting plan page then you need to choose the first one because it is a good value for start like you.

But don’t worry you will able to upgrade the plan anytime when your site getting grows enough traffic but now it really to choose the first plan.

How to start a blog

Then click on the “Get Plan” after it will bring you to the next level of setting your blog by choosing your website domain name.

A domain name is an address that allows people to type on in the browser to come to your website you can name it whatever you want.

how to start a wordpress blog

Then it will bring you to the next page which allows to your fill out of your information including:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Your details
  • Purchase details

blog that generate money

So you need to fill out all of the requirement and after you ready we will move on to the next section of getting started to the setup process.

How to start a blog that makes money

At the bottom of your information, you will see the purchasing info that you need to check like how long period you want to host your website with this hosting company.

You can choose for 12 months and the next year after you able to renew it…

– After clicking on to tick on I confirm mean you agree to the Siteground policy and then clicking on the “Pay Now” button to get to the next level.

Then it will redirect to your account page and now we able to begin to the installation of your WordPress site on the hosting your server.

blog that make money

Now, when you are in your account area you will multiple buttons there, then click on “Go to cPanel” to start the processing of the installation.

Then you will see the cPanel area with lots of tools available there but don’t worry just follow me.

Before we start installing a WordPress website I want you to do one thing first which installing the SSL certificate.

It is really important to have an SSL certificate for a site because it shows your user that your site is secure and safe to visit but it, not just that simple thing it also helps your site SEO ranking too because SSL certificate of a website also uses as a factor of the ranking factor by Google.

So let’s begin…

On the cPanel page, you will find the security section by just scroll abet down of the page we will able to install the SSL certificate for our website domain.

start a blog that makes money

After you have to click on the “Let’s Encrypt paid lock” button to getting start installation of the SSL certificate for your website.

And it will bring you to another page which the page of SSL installable…

How do bloggers get paid?To install the certificate for your site you need to tick on the radio button like an image above and then clicking on the “Install” button.

You had success installing the SSL certificate to your website then the success install a message will pop up just click on the OK button after return to cPanel back.

And find the Auto Installers section…

How long does it take to make money blogging?

It time to install your WordPress website so you need to click on the WordPress to getting start the installation.

How do I start a blog?

After you click on the WordPress it brings you here like the image above and then what you have to do is click on Install Now…

Then it will ask you to fill out the site login details then just doing that, but keep in mind that you must remember the user name and your password otherwise you will not able to login to your site…

how to make money blogging for beginners

1. Selecting a version of WordPress I highly recommend to use the latest version of it for future availability.

And the choosing Installation URL you should select https and then your domain.

2. It is a site detail so you name whatever your site is…

3. It is an account that you will use to login to your website so you should never share this information with another person and remember it.

Alright, now you had done the installation of your WordPress blog then we will move on to the login to our website.

So to login you your website you need to enter your website URL like 

For example

This above page won’t work if you try to open but I just give an example to make sure you had understood how to start login to your website.

how to start a blog for free


After you entered the User name and password after login then you will see the WordPress dashboard of this content management system (CMS).

That we will talk about the most important part of the dashboard…

how to start a blog for business

Now, start to learn how to change your WordPress theme…

How to Change Theme on WordPress?

So to change your theme you first need to go to Appearance > Theme” on the dashboard menu after you will see the list of the default themes that coming with WordPress setup.

But to change the theme you need to have a theme and if you know where you can get I will recommend you to the best WordPress theme that builds for SEO and speed to make your website better perform on the search.

So you can get a theme from the following developer companies…


So today I will recommend you use the Divi theme which from Elegant Theme that I had used on my website here.

Divi theme


This is the best WordPress and loading really fast so I highly recommend you to use this theme if you like too.

And if not you can choose the theme from the list above that I had provided you those themes are really popular and had many bloggers recommend about it.

Anyway with Divi theme, after you buy it comes with their page builder called Divi builder but for some other themes, you need to buy page builder if you want to use page builder.


  • It just costs $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime.


 After you had bought and download the Divi theme now its time to install this theme for your WordPress website Appearance > Theme > Add New and you will upload the theme after you had upload then click on the Install button.

How to install Plugin on WordPress?

Now let’s move on to learn how to install the plugin for your WordPress, to install a plugin you need to go to Plugin > Add New at the dashboard menu then you will see the plugin page.

blog that makes money

There are two options that you can install plugin…

1. Install by search the plugin name in the search bar

2. Install by uploading – these ways that you can install the plugin that doesn’t exist on the WordPress and you were bought it from the developer.

Now you know the ways of install plugin then we move on to install an SEO plugin that helps you optimize your blog SEO really fast with technical expertise.

It called Rank Math SEO plugin – this plugin will tell the SEO issue and where you should fix your content to get a better-optimized article for search engine easy to index and get higher ranking on the SERPs.

– How to install Rank Math SEO Plugin?


In the plugin page let’s search for “Rank Math” in the search bar at the top right corner then you will see the plugin available there.

Rank Math SEO plugin

Then click on the install button after click on then click on the activate button so this plugin will redirect you to the configuration page.

Ran Math SEO

So you need to have an account of rank math to active this plugin but don’t worry this awesome SEO plugin is free not cost you any money.

What you have to do just sign up for a free account to activate with this plugin…

After we will move to the configuration page of the Rank Math with is really easy to do that because Rank Math brings us a good option with “Setup Wizard”.

Rank Math Setup Wizard

So you just need to click on the Setup Wizard button to get the configuration of this plugin and optimize your site…

Rank Math SEO

In this section, you need to choose the Personal Blog and adding your site logo to let Google know what your site logo is after a click on the “Save and Continue button”

Rank Math SEO

In this case, you need to connect your site with Google Search Console that let Google index your content if you do not help a search console account to add your site with you need to create one.

After you had created add your website URL with the Search Console ready you will able to Authorize with your Search Console account with Rank Math.

After you are done all of these steps just click on the Save and Continue button to move to the next step.

Rank Math SEO

For this section is really easy you have no need to do anything just leave it by defaults so click on Save and Continue.

Rank Math SEO

This section also you have not to do anything just leave it by defaults so click on Save and Continue.

Rank Math SEO

And you are the final of the setting of the Rank Math SEO plugin just click on the Return to dashboard button then you finished.

Now you had done all of the installations of Rank Math so its time to create your first blog post…

– How Start Blog Post?

It is really easy to start a blog post by going to Post > Add New then it will bring you to the new blog post page.

There are five things you should when it come to New blog post…Start A Blog that Makes money

  1. Enter your content title
  2. Add Media button which allows you to photo, image, video to your post engage your reader
  3. It is the content writing field
  4. The place that you save your article and Publish it.
  5. Adding the image feature of your article.

You now had done with the starting your WordPress blog and it is the time we are waiting for of make a blog that makes money for us.

Let’s get move other options to start a blog that makes money…


3. Create Attractive Content


You know what? – Content is king because it drives tons of traffics to your business by sharing the knowledge of solving the problem around your niche.

So really matter to your business that why we have to write really awesome article to help our reader and give them a good experience of visiting our website and read our content.


– How to Create Amazing Content?

One thing that I should tell you before creating awesome content – You ask your self what’s your target audience?

So meaning that you must know what you are doing and who gonna read your content when you clearly know all of these things you will able to create content and get the right audience come to your website.

There are places that you get content ideas that come with real people are asking for the solution is to use the community site (forum site) like Quora.

Here are the concepts of starting great blog content…


  1. Understanding Your Target Audience
  2. Competitor Keyword Analyze – You can use SEO tools like SEMrush to find your competitor keyword for outranking them.
  3. A Blog Content Style:
  • Informative Blog – How-to guide that helps the reader solve the problem.
  • Authority content – Write content that helps you promote your brand or product you want people to buy. 
  • Fun blog content – Engage customers to come back to your website with good experience.
  • Poll blog – Asking your customers to share what they need and get that idea to solve them.

When you use all of these strategies you will gain traffic really fast.

One more thing you should know before your getting started to write new content I want to tell you that if your serious want traffic to come to your blog you need to understand this thing.


Note: If you new blogger and your site had low domain authority you need to find only the low competition keywords to write about, but if you choose really competition keyword you will not get any traffic to your website throw organic search unless you improve your domain authority that can compete with the competitor.

When you got enough domain authority to compete with them then feel free to write thing you want to write about.


– -So now you had to learn how to create amazing content then it times that we need to promote our blog to make money from it.


4. Promote Your Blog to Makes money from it 


There are ways that you can start a blog that makes money for and I will share all of them with you on this section on how you can make money from your blog.

After you got enough traffic to come to your website and you think its time to make money from it then follow along with me.


– How to make money from my blog? 💵


There many ways as I had mentioned above that you can make money from your blog but today I will share the most used by the bloggers to make money from their blog is with are 3 major that you make money from your blog…

Here we go…😎

1. Make money from your blog by display advertising.

You can make money with the ads company by display their ads on your website when the reader comes to your website and see the and start clicking on the ads you will make money it called pay per click (PPC).

There are lots of PPC advertising companies that you can make money with such as…

  •  – Google Adsense
  • –
  • – Propeller Ads
  • – Taboola
  • – Outbrain
  • – Infolinks
  • – And more…

But I only recommend you to choose only Google Adsense because this ad platform is you used by many bloggers the most important is it paid you a high price of PPC.

To getting started with “Google Adsense” you first need to sign up for its account and submit your application such as your site URL then the team if this platform will review your application within 3 business days they will lets you know you had approval to the platform or not.

It is the one way that you can start a blog that makes money for you by using this ad platform.


2. Join the Affiliate program

Their lots of companies that have the affiliate program that you can sign up and make money from them by referring the company product to your reader after they purchase you will get a commission.

Find out a similar blog around your niche to share the affiliate link for making money from them it is the best way to make money from your blog and had used my almost blogger when it comes to making money from the blog.


 3. Sell Digital Product

You can build and sell your own digital product on your website when you have enough traffic to come to your website.

What the digital product that I can sell on my website?😔

Well, It is a good question – You can sell something like an ebook that teaches people to do things or you can also sell a service that helps people to do the thing too.☺️or if you are a developer you can develop software or app you also can sell it online.



Now you had learned all thing that helps you start a blog that makes money from A-Z and I hope you will like this article if so please also share this content to let your friend know about this too.

I hope you can start a blog that makes money for you in the future by using all these tactics.


5 Google Tools for Webmasters to increase traffic

5 Google Tools for Webmasters to increase traffic

If you are a new blogger and don’t know what Google tools you should use or wonder about what is Google tools can help you increase your site traffic.

You are in the right place…

Because it this article I will tell you all the must use Google tools for webmasters to increase your website traffic

” There several Google Tools for webmasters” to increase traffic and website SEO.

These tools help you a lot of blogging, content marketing, marketing goal, earn more revenue and search engine optimization to performance your site in Google search results in terms of users are searching to reach your target audience to your business.

Today I will cover the top 5 Google Tools for webmasters that actually used by most marketers and bloggers to help them drive tons of traffics to their business website and gain more sales.

Let’s dive right in…

Why Using Webmaster Should use Google Tools?


We using Google tools because it can be helping us to the following below…

  •  Reach to the target audience
  • Improve site visible on Search
  • Know what your customer looking for
  • Increase sales online.

It all most I had mentioned above section but just to make sure that it can help like that, but make clear to tell you why we should use them. 


5 Google Tools for Webmasters to Drive more Traffic to your Website


1. Google Search Console

Google tools for webmasters

Google Search Console is a webmaster tool that allows the site owner to submit their website to Google database before it can crawl the site data and starting index for the future ranking of the content that site owners had shared on their website.

If you had learned some knowledge about what is SEO? you will able to know about the progress of the search engine indexing progress…

But if not don’t worry 🤷‍♂️ I also had content that explaining all of these things working by click here to learn more about that.

This must use Google tools for webmasters if you want to put your website or blog to the next level of growing gain more traffic from the ” Organic Search” with Google.

So to get started using this webmaster tool, you need to have a Google account if not don’t worries really easy to create once.

After what you need to do just go to Google Search Console (GSC) or do searching on Google itself for ” Search Console” then you will able to see the list there.

Then it will ask you to add property and just add site URL there and do the following that Google search console require after you have done that leave it few days to let Google index your site data and you will see what going on with your site such as:

  • How many keywords your site had ranked
  • Which page you had ranked
  • Which Position on Google Search result page (SERPs)
  • And lots more…

Recommend: How to use Google Search Console for SEO?

On the top “recommendation” is the content that shows how you can use the Search Console technical for search engine optimization to increase your search traffic rank higher on SERPs.

Now you had known that Google Search Console is really important for your blog and your business because it can help you reach your target audience by allowing this tool crawling your site from adding your site URL to their crawling database for indexing to increase more organic traffic from the search.


2. Google Keyword Planner

Google tools for webmasters 2020

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that helps blogger find the right keyword for optimizing for the new content creation for search engine optimization perfectly to be visible on the search SERPs.

Anyways their tons of the keyword research tools available on the market nowadays that you can use to find good keywords to add them to our article to make a better-optimized content SEO friendly one.

But Google Keyword planner is the most popular once out of them and it free to use, and others are free and paid of use.

Anyways today we are talking about “Google tools for webmasters” then we only focusing on the Google tools only and if you want to know more about the keyword research tool just following this blog you will able to learn more about what keyword research tool that gets the most popular and the must use.

How to start using Google keyword planner?

It not much different from Google Search Console to getting started using this tool by just need your Google account to access the tool.

So here to go to the keyword planner

After you had signed in to Google Keyword Planner then you will able to do keyword with Google keyword planner if you don’t know how to use the keyword planner click here to learn more about how to use the keyword planner to improve your site SEO.


Why Google Keyword Planner?

We use the Google keyword planner for the following details below.

  • Getting your target keyword
  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • Find Relate Keyword
  • Low Competition relate keyword
  • SERP analysis 



3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a third most important Google tool for webmasters because it will help you to find the trending keyword and niche to you should focus on when starting a blog.

This is used by many bloggers and marketers to increase their business audience throw content marketing because it provided the trend thing around your niche.

I am sure that before your get starting a blog you had know what niche you are focusing on and it is the best thing that you can use Google trend to find the most trending 🔥 keyword within your space for your content marketing to get more organic traffics from the search to your business site.

– How to get started using this tool?

First, you need to go to Google Trends URLs by clicking here.

After you there let enter the keyword around your niche in the search box and see the tending of the niche or the keyword you want to write about with the graph line that this tool provided.

The graph chart will show you how is targeting niche is trending and you able to see and make the decision to start your niche.


This is the must use Google tools for webmasters you should never skip finding the trending keyword around your niche for improving your search ranking on the SERPs.

Why Google Trends?

we use Google trends because it helps us as the following below…

  •  Find new trending top around your niche
  • Improve website SEO 
  • Increase site traffic
  • And more…



4. Google Analytics

SEO tools for webmasters

It is the fourth Google tool that webmaster should use – Google Analytics is the best tool that you can use to analyze your site and understanding your audience.

This tool will “track all the actions within your site” and let you analyze to optimize your site for the audience’s desire.

You cannot start a website without this because it helps your lots…

I highly recommend you to use this analytics platform for your blog or business website and place the tracking code within your website and then the rest of the thing it will work for you such as:

  • Tracking traffic
  • Page views
  • Traffic source
  • Bounce rate
  • and much more…

– How to getting started with Google Analytics?

First you need to go to Google Analytics by clicking here🏃‍♂️👨‍💻

Then login to Google analytics using your Google account after adding your website URL and then copy the tracking code and place on the head tag <head> of your WordPress and then Google will able to tracking all activities on you site.

After you will able to check the insight data of your site with this awesome analytics platform.

It a must use Google tools for webmasters to use for increase the website search optimization, understanding your audience and tracking the traffic source.

5. Google Adwords

seo tools for webmasters 

Google Adwords – is an advertisement platform to let’s marketer and business owner grow more audience from showing paid advertising.

When you ready to give your business to the next level and this platform is right for you to do more marketing by showing an advertisement to your target audience.

It can help you many things on this tool with the different strategies of starting ads to make sure that ads will work the ways you like to do marketing for your business.

You can do a different type of ads with this ads platform such as;

  • Search Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads

This not a go-to Google tools for webmasters because it can be started with a budget, so it, not a recommendation for newbie bloggers.

But if you seriously want to increase traffic with this platform and have enough budget to pay for it. Yes, you can do it.

– How to get start with Google Adwords?

To getting with Google Adwords you need to got it by clicking here

 Then login to your Google account to start your ads campaign with this ads platform to increase more traffic, lead, conversion, and sale.




These the most important Google tools for webmasters that you can use to improve your business and website traffic to grow more audience come to your business website and increase more sales.

I hope you will love to use all of these Google tools…

For getting ideas and move your blogging or online business to the next level for earn more revenue and get benefit from all of these tools.


On-Page SEO: The Definition Guide

On-Page SEO: The Definition Guide

In this article, I will guide you on how to optimize your On-page SEO techniques that make your web page search engine optimization friendly for Google indexing. Before we getting started to know some of the definition of:

What is SEO and On-Page SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the all optimizing that will make our website performance on the search engine result page and increasing ranking position to high volumes of traffic to our website.


What On-Page SEO?


It is the optimization within the individual page with the role of the search engine factors to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

But on-page refers to twice such HTML source code and content to be optimized, It opposed to the Off-page SEO because it refers to the link and external signal it works to build the authority of your site the high of your is the ranking position you will rank.

If you have low Authority of your site it will not rank well even if you optimize your on-page SEO very well so make sure that these two types of search engine optimization are done. – This SEO can work together to improve your ranking.  

Now you had known some of the definitions of what is on-page SEO then we will move on to the in-dept and details the On-page SEO techniques that will make your content search engine optimization friendly with the factors of the on-page role.

There multiple on-page factors that we will use to make our web page search engine friendly to increase search visibility and get more traffics.


The Complete On-Page SEO Guide


In this section we’ll be getting dive into details of the optimization progress on your on-page search engine technology with step by step guide, we had covered all part of the factors that are a requirement to boost your web page getting fast index on Google.

Before we getting the start I need to recommend you to use the SEO plugin which really your work much faster and without any technical requirement because this SEO plugin will show all the issues of your on-page ranked in the score.

Let’s starting…

  •  Keyword Research

When we thinking about new content we also have to think about the keyword research because it helps us to get more keyword ideas such as:

  1.  Related Keyword
  2. Keyword SEO Difficulty
  3. Search Volume
  4. CPC
  5. SERP Analyze

You have to use the keyword research tools to get all of these data from the search engine but don’t worry I will also give a recommendation about the several keyword research tools that we can use to do keyword research with them and learn more about your targeting keyword.

So there are tons of keyword research tools that available on the market but I had to select only the most popular keyword research platform that you have many people are using and recommend about them.

SEMRush – It is the All In One Marketing tool, You can use much think on this tool such as keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis and much more…

KWFinder – is the best keyword research tool that you can use to find the right keyword for targeting on your new content for search engine better ranking on the SERP.

LongTail Pro – is also the best keyword research tool that you can use to do keyword research and find LongTail keywords.

Answer the Public – is a good question research around your target keyword to add them to your heading of content to help your content get more SEO friendly.

  • Title tags

When start new content will write the title of it but in the title tag we also need to optimize for SEO, then we need to include the keyword that has found of doing keyword research inside the title that will make your title SEO friendly for search engine.

But it just not enough, it also helps your site CTR (Click Throw Rate) you may wonder what is that if you are new to search engine Optimization.

– The basic work for CTR is to improve your ranking position for example You content has ranked on the first page of Google and it ranked on the position number two you site get more clicks than the position number one mean you got more CTR percentage then Google will switch your site to position number one and drop other to position number two.

So to get high CTR you need to optimize more appealing titles such as adding the number and attractive works to the title tag.


 “On-Page SEO: The Definition Guide in 2019”

“On-Page SEO: Everything you need to know” 

  • Meta Description

A meta description is a short sentence that will perform on the search result below your title tag and permalink it can appear as a short description of your article.

So make sure we need to optimize them for SEO such as adding the target keyword inside them to make it SEO friendly and if you have wrong with this SEO plugin will alert you that the optimization auditing of the tool.

  • Permalinks

To optimize permalink for SEO is adding target keyword inside of it and make sure to make it short for example:


I had just added only focus keywords inside the permalink, so you can do also similar to this to make your page good SEO.

  • Keyword Density

The keyword density also important when we are writing new content because we cannot use the focus keyword in our new content lots of times more than the limitation role. Meaning that you must write the focusing keyword on the 3% max within your whole article.

When you have this amount of times done in your content the SEO plugin will appear a great score for you of the keyword density section.

  • Image Optimization

Image optimization also helps on-page SEO by adding the Image Alternative text with the uploaded image on your site that will use in the individual post you want to and make sure you have to include keyword inside that image.

  • Internal link structure

The internal link also the most important factor that you must focus on when you write content that has a relevant topic so you must link to another post to make your internal structure much more better for SEO. It really helps your site getting high ranking and by linking to other posts or pages on your website as many as possible and make sure that the link will only go to the relevant article.

  • External link

External link it the better way to give the reader more resources to learn more about your topic and it also an important factor that Google uses to calculate the ranking of your page.

So what you have to do is just linking to outsource on your article to make it more SEO friendly for search engine indexing your content and ranking fast.

  • Site Speed



Site speed also the most important factor that Google uses to rank a website because as technology are really improving no one likes a slow website and fast website can get user better experience to visit a site.

Host your website with Siteground

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  • Speed up website

So make sure we need to really focus on website page speed as well…

There are a lot of ways that we can improve our website load with WordPress such as using a plugin to optimize and invest with a good website hosting like Siteground.

I highly recommend to Host your website with Siteground because this hosting company provider is a fast hosting service and secure your site.

  • Mobile Responsive

Nowadays there a lot of people are using the mobile to learn, and searching for a thing on the internet so if your site not responsive to mobile you will lose traffic to your site.

Then make sure you need to make your website fully responsive with mobiles such as using one plugin called AMP you can download and install this plugin with you don’t install yet because it helps you improve your website loading time and a good amount of traffic organic search.

There are the premium themes that already optimized for speed and mobile responsive such as:

 You can choose one of these theme for using to get fully responsive for mobile with the quality design I had using Divi theme for this website if you want to use the same as me you do that by click here or the link above.

Perfectly Optimized Page

User experience is really important because we are don’t like the ugly page that why we need to optimize our page for user-readable and clean design.

So make sure you need to optimize clean and beautiful content to make the reader want to read your post article, it really important because it helps you increase your bounce rate when the user stays a long time your site.


It all about the on-page SEO that you can use to optimize your blog for better search engine optimization and get rank your site fast by optimizing them with the right factor that search engine uses to rank a page.

What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?

Nowadays there are 1.5 billion websites in the world so how to do you ensure that your website will be performing well on the search engine result page? and How did you know that you will rank on the first page of Google SERPs if you do not do search engine optimization?

So no way better than doing search engine optimization (SEO) for getting more organic traffic without spending any money to pay advertising to get the traffic from the search engines to a site.

That why we need to do hard working on search engine Optimization to make sure increasing our web page getting ranking on Google search with high position and get more traffics to our site.

But in SEO there are so many factors that you should know to do the right of search engine optimization on your website to get organic listing on the SERPs and don’t worry we will tell you all about them in this article to make sure that you do the right ways of search engine optimization for Google and other search engine like Bing & Yahoo indexing your content.


What is SEO and How it Work?


SEO is standing for Search Engine Optimization it means that the search engine uses the algorithm and factors to rank web page make sure the giving result is 100 percent right for their use of searching.

So How it works?

 Make it simple when we want to rank a web page we need to submit our website to Google Search Console then Google uses bugs request to service then the server sends the website data back to crawler after it indexing your website data in their server. 


How does Google decide the ranking position of the website that has the same topic?

For this answer, Google uses its ranking algorithm as we mention above to calculate the web page to rank which position and those algorithm works with many factors.

There are more then 200 ranking factors that Google uses to rank a page of the website so you need to optimize your website fit those factors if you want to rank your website on Google and it not only Google another search engine also uses a similar ranking factor.

But it does not mean that you need to optimize all the factors till you get rank there are some important factors that you can’t miss when doing search engine optimization and we will reveal those in the below section.

There are two big types of search engine optimization…

  •  On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

But in both, there are multiple factors inside them and we will know more about it abet later at the details of them so let move on to it.


1. On-Page SEO


The On-Page SEO is the optimization that made with your page or your website which means we optimize our website with on-page factors for Google to indexing our website to get the high ranking position and there multiple factors that you should be focusing on when you start doing on-page search engine optimization.

Here are the following details…

  •  Keyword Research
  • Title tags
  • Meta Description
  • Permalinks
  • Heading Tag
  • Keyword Density
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • External link
  • Site Speed
  • Marked Up Structure Data
  • Perfectly Optimized Page

2. Off-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO is the way that you can optimize websites outside of it and those really work to helps your website get higher ranking on the SERPs and there are two different parts of the off-page SEO that you must focus on why starting to optimize them.

  •  Link Building

Link building is a better way that help your website get authority the more backlink you have the more authority of your site will increase and it is really important factor that boost your site ranking.


  • Social Signal

There more people share your content on the social media the more backlinks and traffic you will get from the social network and help use to twice such as social backlink and traffic from social media that why this factor is also a good factors that we need to be focusing on everytime. 

Now you had know all what is SEO and how works such factors that you should focusing on, so make sure you need to don’t all of these to get your website get higher ranking on the search engine.

Best Google Adsense High Paying Keywords

Best Google Adsense High Paying Keywords

Are you looking for Google Adsense High Paying Keywords? As you know Adsense is the best platform that you can show the ads on your website and get paid when visitor clicking on the ads, but sometime the ad that has shown on our website is cost low then we will get low revenue from them that why we are covering the content that provides you the Google Adsense high paying keywords.


So How to find them?

 There are tools that allow you to find the best keywords that has high CPC value for optimizing on your blog post. So you can use the keyword research tools in the following details to find the right keywords for optimize your content for revenue from Adsense.

If you focusing on Google Adsense revenue you need also focusing on CPC option when you do keywords research one of these keyword research tools, Those tools will help you find the best one to optimize for high revenue from Adsense.

But don’t worry we will cover some of the most expensive keywords that help you use to increase your revenue from Google Adsense with the top keywords that have high CPC cost.


Top 10 Google AdSense High Paying keywords


These are the Google Adsense high paying keywords that you can target on your new content to make them optimized for Google Adsense, So let see the list of the keywords below.


  1. Insurance $59 CPC
  2. Gas/Electricity $57 CPC
  3. Loans $50 CPC
  4. Mortgage $44 CPC
  5. Attorney $48 CPC
  6. Lawyer $43 CPC
  7. Donate $42 CPC
  8. Conference Call $42 CPC
  9. Degree $40 CPC
  10. Credit $38 CPC

Why these keywords Are Pay Very High?

That because the companies behind the ads have hundreds of thousands of traffic but they want to increase more traffics to their business website and the product or service they provide is so competitive then they ask good to show their ads with high CPC cost. In Google Ads the more you spend the more your ads will be shown to the user.

That why the price of a keyword is high but they more reason that can be made these keywords getting high paying from Adsense anyways make sure that you have to do keyword research and looking for the CPC section to know about keyword CPC before you target that keyword for your new content creation.

– Recommend Article: How to get Google Adsense Approval In A Day.

Which AdSense niche pays the highest?

There are lots of website niche that you start to earn more money from Google Adsense by sharing your knowledge for your reader with your passion and I will share all the niche that you start blogging about to get High paid from advertising Google Ads.

So let see the site niche at the below section that you can start working with to earn passive income from them by share what you know about on your blog and let people known as you.

Here it is…

  • Download Website – A site that shares downloadable for the user
  • Marketing & Advertise
  • Blogging Tip & Trick
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Heath & Fitness
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Insurance
  • Finance


This is the most effective Google Adsense high paying keywords and niche that you should be focusing on to increase your revenue from blogging by showing the Google Ads on your website to the readers.

So make sure you need to optimize your ads in your content very well to increase more click from the reader and get high paying from the company, I hop you will love this article and if you have any question please just leave comment below I will be response to you as soon as possible!


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