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The Ultimate Guide to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

The Ultimate Guide to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Do you want to speed up your WordPress website? As you know about “speed loading of your WordPress website is so important” because it will improve user experience, increase page views, and good for website SEO because of search engines like fast loading site rank. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to Speed up your WordPress website. 

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

I will share with you the most useful tips that help you to boost your WordPress website speed for a fast loading site that will get loved by search engines like Google to rank higher of any content of yours.

 As technology is really improving everyone don’t like slow loading website, they like the fast loading because it will save their time of waiting for the loading of your website. 

You know what? Nowadays people are like a fast load website to visit if your website slows loading to bring the content for the audience then they will exit from your website meaning you lost lots of traffic to your website when lost traffic then your website you will not makes more many as others or your competitor so that why speed of your site really matter for attract audience and give them good experience.

But don’t worry I will walking you throw the methods that you can speed up your WordPress website, increase views, and drive more organic search traffic from search engine.


Let’s dive right in… 


Why Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

There are so many reasons that you need to speed up your WordPress website and let’s get to know why we should optimize our website for speed…

  • Speed up WordPress website – because it is the ranking factors that search engine use to rank a web page and it good to optimize our site for this factor if we want to improve our website search performance position on the SERP.
  • Drive more traffic to a website and increase sales when you had ranked higher on the SERP position.
  • A good user experience that will make people happy with the loading of your website.


How to Check Your Website Speed?

First thing you need to do analyze your current speed loading time by using the tools that will check all your page speed technical for you. But keep in mind that this speed may differ from page to page, it depends on various factors, like:

  • the size of that particular page,
  • how many requests it generates,
  • whether it is cached or not,
  • and lastly, what kind of content (static or dynamic) it hosts.

Here are tools that you can use to check yours…

You can use these tools to check your website performance and speed loading, these tools will tell you what the score your website speed level is and where you can improve it.


How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

Okay, now let’s move to how to speed up your WordPress website with the most useful methods that will make your site improvement of the loading time.


1 Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting


The web hosting really impacts your website speed so make sure we need to choose the right hosting company that will improve our website performance and loading time of our website to the users and the search engine.

There are lots of web hosting companies out there, so it abet differ for you to pick the right one but don’t worry I will give you the recommendation web hosting that I used and give me a better result of my website performance and it also had so many bloggers are also recommended.

Here are some of the best WordPress Hosting Companies you use…

But I highly recommend you to use Siteground because it is the best for both beginner blogger and pro but if you increase more traffic to your website you can switch to any of these three hosting platforms anytime you want to.

You can start with Siteground from $3.95 per month for Starter Plan plus $15.95 per year domain name if you don’t have a domain name yet and you able to spend $63.35 in total annually.



2 Use Lightweight WordPress Theme for Speed


When it comes to speed the second most important that impacts your website loading is WordPress theme when you pick the low-quality theme that developed not optimize for speed it also slow down your website.

You need to choose the best WordPress to if you seriously want to speed up your WordPress website and those themes need to be optimized for speed.

What type of WordPress theme that counts as a speed theme?

  •  The theme that develops with speed optimized.
  • The developer already minify the code such as CSS & JS files
  • Responsive theme
  • Mobile Friendly

There are lots of WordPress themes available on the marketing such as a free and paid version that you can pick to use on your website, but if you seriously want to speed up your WordPress website you need to use the premium theme because of the developer use all the features to make sure they theme load fast…

If you don’t know what theme that builds with speed I also have a suggestion about the WordPress that I been using for a while, those themes are really popular in the market.

Here are the best WordPress themes that have tons of recommendations…

You need to have the best WordPress theme install on your website because it helps you boost your WordPress website speed load much faster.


3 Use Latest Version of WordPress

The WordPress organization always doing the hard to give a better user experience for the WordPress users by keeping develops the platform for better security and improving the WordPress system load fast, so make sure you need to keep your WordPress site up to date.

4 Use Cache Plugin


The page speed is so important for our website ranking so we need to use the plugin that will help our website load faster-called cache plugin. While using a cache plugin it will speed up your WordPress website and decrease your loading time (meaning it take a very short time to load).

What is Cache Plugin?

The cache plugin a plugin that will improve your website speed, its job is to do optimize your website for speed and give the users a good experience of viewing your website.

What the cache plugin does is, it first make request to the database when the user want to views content and then database give the page that user is looking so what the cache plugin did is it stores the content such image or text that database gives to user in its server to speed up the next time view, when user is coming once again in future.

Meaning that I make only one-time request to the database if the user not clearing their web browser cache, so it saves lots of time and speeds up your WordPress website.

There are lots of WordPress caching plugin that available on WordPress.org that you can download and install it to use on your website.

But if you host your website with some of the most popular hosting companies like Siteground there is the built-in cache plugin that you can use it called SG Optimizer this plugin is really amazing built-in caching plugin by Siteground if you have any built-in plugin I highly recommend you to use it.

Here are some of the most popular cache plugins…

If you looking for premium caching plugin WP Rocket is the best for you…


5 Minify CSS & Js files

Minify your CSS & Js files mean to reduce the size of the code to make it smaller,  it needs some techniques to do that but if you use the premium as I had mentioned above the developer has already done that for you. But don’t worry there are plugins that you can use to minify your code file available on WordPress.

If you use a built-in cache plugin by Siteground (SG Optimizer) it has features that help you minify your CSS & Js file super easy by just enable the feature on its.

Here how you can do with SG Optimizer to enable Minify files, go to Dashboard > SG Optimizer > Frontend Optimization.

 Speed Up your WordPress Website


6 Optimization Image for speed

While we create content we need to add some of the images to engage people and make it more detailed for tutor something in your content to get an in-depth explanation.

But when add an image inside our content it will make our web page load slower than without so we need to optimize the image for speed such reduce the size of image and more…

There are WordPress plugins that work to optimize your image automatically or you can it manually by your self, It really important to have the image optimization on your site to speed up your WordPress website and I will list them in the below section.

Here are some image optimization plugins…


7 Enable GZIP Compression

Using the compression on our local computer is really save lots of disk space, but for the web, we use the GZIP Compression in goal to save more bandwidth to speed up the WordPress website.

If you using SG Optimize cache plugin this feature also available for you to turn on or this options which will help your website save more bandwidth, but if you don’t use SG Optimizer there is also a plugin that you can use for GZIP Compress is Autoptimize which you can download and install on your website.

Here how to can do with SG Optimizer plugin…

How can I make my WordPress site faster?

Or if you want to manually do it your self you can add this code in your .htaccess file.

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript


8 Database Optimization

You can also optimize your website database to improve your website speed, You can use the plugin to optimize your database automatically without having technical skill your self by just install and active the most powerful plugin for database optimization in WordPress.

You can use the WP-Optimize plugin for the database optimization on your WordPress this plugin works really well on the database optimization that has tons of people are install and active this plugin on their WordPress website.


9 Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

The people who visit your website belong to various locations in the world, and needless to say, the site-loading speed will differ if the visitors are located far away from where your site is hosted. So CDN can make the different location visitors of your website still get fast loading, there are multiple CDN provider companies that available on the internet that you can use.

You the two most popular CDN providers that many people are using it is Cloudflare and Stack Patch (Max CDN).


10 Split Long Post to Page

When you have a very form article on your website it is good to split it to the page because if we keep it as that long it will take a very long time to load all the data inside that article, so you can split it out the pagination that lets people read page by page.


11 Split Comments to Page

When your website grows a big audience then it will have tons of comments on your content that post, so it is better to split them into the pagination to speed up your WordPress website loading time and good for your website SEO.


12 Deactivate or Uninstall Plugin

Installing the plugin on your website is good for you to complete your desire for functionality requirement but it takes space of your storage to install those plugins then it can slow your website.

So make sure you need to install only the most desire your plugin that is really needed if there is not necessary you can deactivate and uninstall them.



Now you had learn all the ways to speed up your WordPress website, It time to action to improve your website performance and increase search visible position.

If you don’t have website yet, I also have the content teach you how to start a blog that make money with a step by step guide from A-Z.

7 Best Google Rank Keyword Checker

7 Best Google Rank Keyword Checker

There are lots of Google Rank Keyword checker tools that allow you to check your ranking keyword on Google to find the position that you are ranked on the SERP and build strategies for improving the position to get high organic traffic.

Today I had covered the best Google Rank keyword checker tools that you can use to improve your website content ranking position on the SERP. 

The most important element of SEO is to find a good keyword for optimizing your new content for ranking opportunity on the SERP, It takes a really short time to find the good keywords if you are using keyword research tool like SEMRush and KWFinder.

After you had done the keyword researching and optimize as SEO content for search engine it time that we are waiting few days to let Google do their work of indexing our content after we start using the Google rank keyword checker tool to track our ranking keyword on Google.

Let’s get dive right into Google Rank Keyword Checker…


7 Best Google Rank Keyword Checker Tools

Before we get started I want to explain to you what is the exactly Google Rank keyword checker tool and why we should use it?


What is Google Rank Keyword Checker Tool?

It is the tool that we can us to track our ranking keyword on the Google SERPs it is really useful for use to track the keyword that we serious want to get high amount traffic from organic search and build strategies to improve your content ranking position.

1 AccuRanker

free keyword ranking tracker tool

AccuRanker is the best Google rank keyword checker tool that you can use to track your ranking keyword, this is the most useful and high-performance tool that helps you in the rank tracking.

If you are looking for a paid keywords ranking tracker this tool is the best for you, it also works great for the good for the agency, and business who has tons of keywords to track.

-How to use AccuRanker to track the ranking keyword?

Don’t worry I will guide you on how to use this tool to track your keywords in the step by step to help you do the right way of checking your keyword with this tool.

The main thing that I love AccuRanker is that the interface of this tool, You can get start track your keyword Rank from Google search console and there other options for Bing too.

So to get started with this tool you need to go to the website by clicking here and start creating your 14 days free trial account before we can make use of the keyword checker.

After you will see the section like image below…

AccuRanker Check keyword rank

Here you can input your keyword you want to track and you can also do with specific target location too.


2 SEMRush

SEMRush is the best All in One online marketing toolkit there are lots of tools available on this marketing platform such as SEO, SEM and more…

You can do many things on this tool of doing the online marketing such as search engine optimization, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, keyword research, and lots more…

You can also use SEMRush to track your Google keyword rank too, by using the tool that had they provide on their platform.

So to check your Google rank keyword you need to go to SEMRush and create one free trial account by clicking here

Google Rank Position tracker

After you had registered with SEMrush you now need to go top drop-down menu and select it to SEO Toolkit (like the image above).

  1.  Click on Position Tracking at the list of menu.
  2. Add your domain to setup.
  3. After clicking on the setup button.

Here is how SEMRush makes it easier for you to start adding Keywords for rank tracking. You can add Keywords using one of these four methods:

  1. Connect your search console and pull up the keywords from there
  2. Manually enter the keywords
  3. Track the top Keywords that SEMRush has already discovered for your domain name
  4. From file (*.txt, *.csv)

Free keyword rank tracker

image source shoutmeloud

Now you had done all setup with SEMrush for the keyword ranking tracker, you can add as many keywords as you can if you are a pro user of this tool.

Get SEMrush 14 days free trial 

 3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs also the best SEO platform and it also the most popular tool in the market that many people are using, this tool is similar to SEMrush but focuses more on SEO, I love this tool because it is an amazing tool that I had seen.

You can also use this too check your Google keyword ranking tool.

Google Keyword Rank checker

4 Authority Labs Rank Checker

Authority Labs Rank checker is the another best choice of Google Keyword ranking checker that you can use to find the keyword you that you had raked on Google SERP position, It will track your SERP on your target keyword that you are checking and bring up with a nice result.

– How to use the Authority Lab Rank Checker?

You can getting started with this tool by going to their website, click here to go…

Google Ranking tracker

  1. Sign Up for a free trial account you can now do the rank tracker.
  2. Enter the requirement details you want to track.


5 SEObility Rank Checker

This also another choice of using the free Google keyword Rank tracker that you can use to track your rank keyword position on Google search to see your website perform on the search.

This tool is really simple and easy to use, anyways I will share with you the way how to use the tool.

– How to use SEObility Rank Checker? 

First, you need to go to the site before we can get start the progress by clicking here

After you need to create an account this platform to access the tool, then when you had done find out the “Rank Tracker” at the navigation menu.

Best Google Rank Keyword checker tool

Now, you need to fill out things requirements to access the tool and find out your ranking position on Google SERPs by following my details bellow.

  • Search Term – this field you need to enter your keyword you want to check.
  • Domain (optional) – Enter your website domain you want to check.
  • Country – Select the country you want to check your keyword ranking.

After you had entered the requirement then scroll abet down you will see on the button and then you need to click on that button (“Check Website Ranking”)to see the result of the tracking.

free keyword rank check

You will see your list of ranking sites that target the same keyword as you and your website ranking position and you are now done with checking your ranking position on SEObility.


 6 Site Checker Pro

Site Checker Pro also the best free keyword checker tool that you can use to find your website ranking position on the Google SERPs, you can use this tool to check as many keywords you want to it free to use and work fine for us of tracking our ranking position on the SERP.

– How to use Site Checker Pro to track your rank keyword?

You start checking your keyword rank on this tool by going to the tool by clicking here

 seo ranking checker free

After you need to enter your website domain to see the list of keyword you had ranked on Google SERPs whit more details like position, search volume, competition and more… 

website rank checker

It really simple and easy to use this tool to find your ranked keyword on your Google, you can get more information that will help you to build strategies of re-optimizing your content for improving your content rank position.


 7 SERP Robot

SERP Robot is a free rank checker tool that you can use to find your ranking position on Google to improve your SEO for the better ranking position if it was not rank on the first page of Google this tool track your keyword and coming with the best result.

– How to use SERP Robot? 

Now we need to go to the SERP Robot website to getting started with the tool by clicking here

Google Keyword rank checker tool

You need to do the following details below…

  1. You Google Region – You Google region when you want to see your keyword ranking.
  2. Enter your domain name to check.
  3. Enter the keywords you want to check on the SERP ranked position.
  4. You need to check on I am not a robot to confirm you are human.
  5. Scroll abet down and click on the button “Check SERP Now”.

After you will the result at the top right of your input information.



Here is all about the Google Rank Keyword checker tools that you can use to see what going on with your content ranking position on the SERPs of Google.

How to get Google Adsense Approval in a Day

How to get Google Adsense Approval in a Day

How to get Google Adsense Approval? is a question that had asked by many bloggers after rejected after applying to the program or the newbie blogger and want to start earning money from Google Adsense.

Today I will show you how to get Google Adsense approval in just one day with my methods that I had used to get my website get approved.

The goal of bloggers is to start a blog and share valued knowledge to the reader and after on the blog grow enough its time to start earning some money from a blog that we put the hard work on.

By displaying advertisements and more… 

When it comes to displaying ads, Google Adsense is the best ad network that many bloggers wish to start with.

But It not easy to get Google Adsense approval, if you don’t do the right things that Google is looking for to qualify their ads for the advertiser.

But don’t worry I will reveal all things you need to know that will helps you get Google Adsense approval in just a day with my experience if you follow my experience that I will share in this article in the below section.

– Recommend Article: 10 Best Google Adsense High Paying Keywords.

I was applying for this program almost 9 pm 2nd January 2020 and morning time (3rd January 2020) I wake up I saw the email notify on my phone from Google Adsense after I had open up I saw this message I am really happy to see this.

Here is my approval message from Google Adsense…

how to get Google Adsense approval


How to get Google Adsense Approval in a Day


First, things we should know are that Google is looking for good quality websites to be a partner of showing their ads on those websites who have qualify enough for them that will value their advertiser partners.

So to get Google Adsense Approval you need to make your website very good quality for Google and for your readers means that you need to bring up the good content that will help people to solve the problem and get a good amount of traffic come to your website.

Okay, now I will reveal things that you should do before you apply for Google Adsense if you seriously want to get approved by Google Adsense.

Let’s get started…


 1 Number of Content

You must have at less 10 pieces of quality content available on your website before you can apply to Adsense or more than that is the better otherwise you won’t get approved.


2 The Pages you must have

There are pages that Google requirement and looking for while they review your application when you applied to the program, those pages really matter on your website that will your website qualify for Google Adsense if you miss out any one of them you will not get approved.


  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy Policy page
  • Term & Conditions page (option)

Here are all the pages that you need to have on your website before you apply for Google after you have all of these pages your website will get good quality for Google Adsense.


3 Website Design

Your website must have a clean design of the theme, if you are using WordPress you need to have a good quality theme install on your website to make it better looking and clean design for user experience.

If you don’t know what theme to choose I will recommend you to the best WordPress themes that have a very good design.

when you had done all of these things you will not get rejected by Google Adsense and you will get Google Adsense approval fast with doing all that they had required.



It all the methods that I had done on your own website and I just got approved from Google Adsense in just one day and I hope you will get Google Adsense approval like me when you had done all of these methods on your website.


5 Best Free Grammar & Punctuation Checker

5 Best Free Grammar & Punctuation Checker

In this article, I going to introduce you to the Grammar and Punctuation checker tools that will help your writing skills getting better grammar and punctuation.

No matter what the grammar level you are in these tools will detect your writing issues while you writing and lets you correct it.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

It is so important to have the grammar and punctuation checker tool to use to help our writing for better content that will never contain grammatical errors. 

It really matters and helps your content get better if you want to do competitive and improving your content SEO for Google and want to get the higher ranking position you need to write really well article without any grammatical errors.

5 Best Free Online Grammar & Punctuation Checker


Here are the grammar and punctuation checker tools that you can use to help your writing errors check and solve for free.


 1. Grammarly

Best Free Grammar & Punctuation Checker

This grammar and punctuation checker tool is the best and most popular tool that I had been using every day and at all times that when I start my writing job such as writing content for this website to make my content get better to read for users.

If you are looking at the best tool for grammar and punctuation checker this is the one that I highly recommend to use Grammarly because I had used this software and it works well for me to help my writing.

It works really perfect to detect your grammar and punctuation errors by using the top technology called AI and machine learning to improve the ability of the tool working perfectly on detecting your write errors.

There is an option that you can use this software to help your writing like if you want to improve using MS Word you need to install software on your computer and when it comes to writing for a blog online there is a “Chrome Extension” that you can install.


2. Grammar Lookup

Best Free online Grammar and Punctuation checker

Grammar Lookup is a free online grammar and punctuation checker that tool that you can use to find your writing grammar errors and recorrect them for the better one, for your reader without any grammatical mistake on yours.

It also the best free online Grammar checker that you can use to find the errors, I also recommend you to use this tool when you want to get grammar free on your content.

To check your grammar mistake with Grammar Lookup you need to go to the site and copy your written article and then past it on the box after click on the Deep Lookup button.


3. WhiteSmoke

Best Free online Grammar & Punctuation Checker

White Smoke is another choice for grammar and punctuation check tool that you can use to detect your write grammar errors with their features, it is really similar Grammarly, WhiteSmoke features. 

You can check the mistake of your write with this tool by using those options, It is available almost all the browser extensions such as Google Chrome and software for Mac & Windows too.

You can use all of the options that it has to connect with your writing and get improve with it.


4. Ginger

How do I check my grammar mistakes?

This is another option that you can use this tool to check your grammar errors, with Ginger is not much different from other tools that I had mentioned it works similar ways to improve our writing free grammar check to let your content get high performance and grammar mistake-free.

This also the best free online grammar and punctuation checker tool that you can use to find your writing mistakes and errors.


5. After the Deadline

best grammar checker

After the Deadline is available as a Google Chrome Extension, It comes with built-in grammar and readability check to improve article grammar mistake-free.

When you had installed the addon on your browser it will automatically detect the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes while you are writing.

It is also another best grammar and punctuation checker for free to use, it can be all of the mentions alternatives if you want to use this software.

You can search automatically on your browser to addon the extension…



This is all about the best free online grammar & punctuation checker that you can use to improve your writing grammar mistakes and get fix them with the tool get suggest to you.

You can pick using any one of these tools that I had provided to helps you in writing grammar mistakes and get out of it with the tools.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is the best grammar checker?

For the grammar checker tool, I will recommend you to use Grammarly because the grammar checker tool is really awesome to detect your grammar mistake and let you correct really fast and simple to use.

How can I improve my grammar?

If you are using the Grammar checker tool like Grammarly you will get automatically detect your grammar errors and what you have to do is just fix your mistake with the autocorrect of this software.

Is Grammarly safe to use?

Grammarly has a good reputation around the web and has been around for a long time. I’m not making any promises but I would say that it is safe to use Grammarly.

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2020

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2020

There are lots of different types of blogging niche out there, It depending on whatever blogger want to blogging about It can be anything the would like to.

And today we will talking about the “Best Lifestyle Blogs” you should follow to learn more from them about standard living and the style of living. 

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

I am coming up with this topic because there are lots of people are asking about this and it can be the ideas for you to start a blog . The best blogging niche is the niche that you are really passionate about and you had well know about that.


What is a Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogs focus on visuals and stories to showcase interests and activities, but more importantly, to show the way someone lives. It’s all about showing a style of living.

Don’t confuse lifestyle blogs with personal blogs though. While lifestyle blogs can be personal from time to time, not every personal blog is a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blogs focus on interests, activities, and hobbies although they can become personal from time to time

If you try to search for “Lifestyle” in the dictionary It is actually mean a standardized style of the group of people are living and lifestyle blog is actually there share the information about their living style with a high quality of photo to attract the readers.

Best Lifestyle blogs to follow

I just want to remind you that if you want to start a blog I had a tutorial that will teach you to step by step to starting your blog successful click here to learn more…

Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow

Here are the list that I had researching and find them and find the most popular lifestyle blogs that had most recommend by many people around the world.


1. A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is founded by Joanna Goddard she’s the well known as the queen of blogging she had been blogging since 2007 she has started writing A Cup of Jo blog at the weekend as a hobby, but after years the blog grew big enough to become a full-time job .

A cup of Jo now has a team of writers and is known industry-wide for its smart and deeply engaged readership.

Best Lifestyle blogs

2. Say Yes

Say Yes is founded by Liz from San Francisco, she is a well known and award-winning of the lifestyle site that celebrates family life with practical tips for home, travel, and personal style.

This is the best lifestyle blog that you should follow and learn more things from her team of the content they had shared.

Best Lifestyle blog

3. The Skinny Confidential

This lifestyle blog had founded by Lauryn Evarts she had turned her passion about beauty wellness to an online blog, Along with that she had released her own book about he The Skinny Confidential Guide.

This lifestyle blog the one of the best lifestyle blogs out there that you can follow along with her and learn more things with her blog.  

best lifestyle blogger

4. The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad had founded in 2009 by Chiara Ferragni and outfit to a fashion, travel magazine, After years this blog becomes one of the best lifestyle blogs in the world that you can use to learn more things related with lifestyle.

best lifestyle blogger 2020


5. Two Can Travel

Two Can Travel found in 2011 by Jennifer & Stevo, this couple turning their knowledge about traveling to Asia with this blog, It also the best lifestyle blogs that you should following to learn more things about travel to Asia with Jen & Stevo.

lifestyle blog


6. Hunda Beauty

This best lifestyle blog (Hunda Beauty) had found by Hunda Kattan, this blog is sharing the knowledge about markup and beauty with their passion to build this beautiful blog and it becomes one of the most popular lifestyle blogs around the world that people should follow.

best lifestyle blogger

7. Fit Men Cook


Fit Men Cook is found in 2012 on the Tumblr blog and it shares about the food, cooking, and recipes that make our health good after this blog gets more likely from people and gets popular till today.

This Lifestyle blog is the best blog that you should follow to learn more things from the content.

lifestyle blogger

8. CupCake and Cashmere

This blog was founded by Emily Schuman with her husband Geoffrey Fuller, This lifestyle blog is focused on the categories of Food, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Decor, and Motherhood.

This is the best Lifestyle blog that you should follow and get ideas what to your lifestyle better.

Best Lifestyle blogs 2020

9. Happy Fit Mama

Happy Fit Mama is found by 39 years old lady Angela and her husband Ron, She’s a health and fitness junkie which lead me to a degree in Exercise Science and certification. 

This blog is focusing on the categories like recipes, Workout and Running coach is also the most popular lifestyle blog that you should check out and learn more…

Best life style blogs

10. Barefood Blonde

Barefood Blonde is found by Amber Fillerup Clark in 2016 to share her online diary where she documents things about Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Beauty and more…

This is the best lifestyle blog that you can follow to learn more about lifestyle from this blog with Amber Fillerup.

blogger lifestyle 


These are the best lifestyle blogs that you can follow to get more content ideas to write content with your own blog and share them with your readers.

I had to find out this list really hard and I hope you will like this post, if so please share content to lets everyone know about this as you did.

artoun blogging ebook

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