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12 Most Common Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

Content creation, especially blogging, provides one of the best ways to consume online content. Although it may look easy, starting and maintaining a blog comes with lots of challenges. 

This is why a lot of people fail even before they start. Successful bloggers need to have lots of skills including being creative and disciplined.

 Building a solid and reputable online presence is not something that can happen overnight.

Besides that, it’s not something that can happen if you don’t network. It’s a gradual process that features ups and downs. However, you can quickly pick up and start on the right foot even if you are a newbie. But how do you this? Well, it’s by understanding common mistakes amateur bloggers make.


Most Common Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

There are many mistakes that amateur bloggers tend to make and the most common ones are:


1 Setting Up A Free Blog Site

This is definitely the most common mistake amateur blogger make. For starters, most of them usually begins by setting up free blogs on Blogger and WordPress. Well, this is not a bad idea.

However, it’s advisable that you have a self-hosting website. This is the only way you can effectively customize your blog to meet your personal preferences. Additionally, self-hosting is advantageous because you can monetize your blog.

A risk that comes with using free sites is that you risk losing your content. This may occur in case the company decides to go out of business. Additionally, some companies also close user accounts without issuing a prior notification.

With self-hosting, you have significant control over your website. For instance, you have the option of using different plugins to add functionality to your site.You also have control of the website servers.

Although self-hosting isn’t easy, the returns will be great eventually. You need money for designing the web page. Furthermore, you need to find a reliable hosting company and this will cost you a good amount of money as well.

If you don’t have a blog yet and want to learn more on ” How to Start A Blog That Make Money” I had a tutorial article will teach you how to do that by clicking here..


2 Poor Website Theme

This is another common amateur bloggers mistake. It’s very easy to spot a blog site that belongs to a newbie because of the design theme. Having a well-defined theme is very important if you are serious about blogging. Even new readers will think that you are reliable and actually love what you do. But why is having a good theme very important?

Here are the best theme you can use…

Note: when choosing a design theme, ensure that it’s highly customizable. Besides that, it should be a high-speed theme with a professional appearance. You want people to take you seriously, right? Well, then get serious.

3 A Theme That Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

While much of your focus should be the theme, it should also be mobile-friendly. Why? This is because a lot of people currently use mobile phones to access websites more than other devices. 

Generally, most bloggers use desktops or laptops to set up a site. But although everything may look and function as they should, this doesn’t mean that they will function in a similar way if you use a mobile device.

So, make sure that you test your site using multiple devices to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. You can pay for a theme that’s versatile enough including being mobile-friendly. You can find such a theme from various sites at different prices.


4 Using Complicated or Confusing Blog Names

As its common, this amateur bloggers mistake will heavily cost you. Most newbie bloggers usually use complex names. This usually results in naming complications because visitors may even not remember the name of your site. The eventual effect is that they may fail to come back because they couldn’t just remember your site’s name.

To solve this, go for a simple name that reflects your brand. It should be short and clear. You want people, even visitors to remember your blog site’s name. So, give them something straightforward. In case you have a problem with finding a suitable name, there are numerous websites online that you can use to find an easy-to-remember website name.


5 Not Having a Regular E-Mail List from the Onset

This is another serious mistake amateur bloggers make often. Email listing is an important thing and you need to start with it from the first day. Why do you need to get serious with it from the onset? It’s vital in allowing you to steadily nurture your website’s traffic. This ensures that they can readily interact with your services or buy your products whenever they are ready.

An email list allows you to effectively quantify your readership and get to know those who are loyal. If you do it correctly, you will definitely get amazing traffic. Did you know that email marketing is one of the major factors that drive online sales?

So, start using it from day one. Kindly ask your readers to submit their addresses so that you can build a great team and plan how you can increase your traffic.

Note: email lists are not usually affected by social media algorithms. It gives you total control of your loyal subscribers.


6 Sharing Your Content Only


You cannot succeed in blogging if you only share your content. Networking and linking with others is an important aspect of the blogging world. Although you need to be careful as an amateur, you need to know that linking with others is very important.

You want others to share your content, right? Why don’t you also do it? Promoting another blogger’s work won’t take anything away from you. You need to be a giver and not always a taker. Build relationships with others and they will also share your content with their audiences.

Do you know that there is a content-sharing rule in the blogging world? If you are a newbie, you need to apply the 70-30 rule. This means that 30 percent of the content you post should be yours and the remaining 70 percent should be from bloggers that you want to build solid relationships with. However, once you find your feet and you are now an experienced blogger, then you need to use the 50-50 rule.


7 Unfamiliar with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of online content creation and marketing. As an amateur blogger, do you understand the vital role of SEO for your site? You can never ignore SEO, especially if you take your blogging career seriously.

If you do it right, you will reap great results on your site. It’s also important to learn about SEO earlier because its effects may take months. Some of the important aspects of SEO that you need to know about include:

Avoid using default permalink because they are lengthy and somehow messy. Shorten the permalink by removing things such as date.

Don’t invest your money on expensive SEO tools. Instead go for the free version of Answer the Public, Yeast, and others.

Perfectly optimize your image and labeling them.


8 Create Outstanding Content

As a beginner, you may find it hard to create content at first. However, the key to creating outstanding content is to take your time and do your research. Think about how many people have created similar content before and how many create it in time to come. They are absolutely so many bloggers.

So, how do you make your content stand out because this is important for Google ranking? You can do a Google search regarding a similar topic. Go through the top 3 websites and take time to analyze their content. What exactly makes them stand out? What keyword are they using?

After that, you can sit and write your own content. Don’t plagiarize content as this will be stealing someone’s work. You need to be creative and original. Besides that, you do not need to overuse the keywords because your content will look awful.


9 Your Content Should for Human Use

As much as Search Engine ranking is very important, have you considered that it’s actually humans who will read your work? So, you need to curate it in such a way that it’s perfect for human consumption.

Any interested reader should be able to read your content and understand it. This should be a key priority and so you don’t need to focus on search engines. The thing is that search engines will eventually react to what humans are considering good. So, if your content is naturally good for human consumption, it will easily rank on top of search engines.

Note: it’s not easy to serve a search engine such as Google. This is because it works based on an algorithm. However, it’s very easy to serve humans. Simply create unique and fresh content that they will love. The effect of this is that they will write positive reviews, like, and share with others. With your site gaining so much traffic, search engines will pick up from there.


10 Have a Content Plan

So, you can create outstanding content that is great for human consumption? Nice. But a common amateur bloggers mistake is creating sporadic content. This means that they don’t follow a specific routine or plan. They create content randomly which isn’t effective.

To a successful blogger, you need to have a content creation plan. When are you going to be releasing content? This helps your readers to prepare on when to expect something fresh and new from you. You can install a calendar plugin to help you schedule your posts.


11 Lack of Income Diversity

If you are just starting out as a newbie, then you need to know this. Your blog isn’t going to make you money from the onset. Amateurs usually think that they can fully rely on their sites for income from the onset. This is not true. It’s impossible to earn a decent amount of money by completely depending on ads placed on your site. To earn a good amount of money, you need to have almost 100,000 page views with ads monthly.

So, to ensure that your income isn’t affected, make sure that you diversify. There are several ways to do this and the most effective ones include:

12 Not Focusing on Your Site!


Do you keep on checking what your competitors are doing? Are you spending so much time on social media? You don’t have a content schedule? Well, these are the most common mistakes amateur bloggers make. All these actions will make you fail miserably.

Avoid spending too much time caring about what your competitors are doing. Channel that energy in researching and releasing new content that will retain your loyal readers and attract a new target audience. Avoid spending time on social media. As much as these platforms are good, only a fraction of your readers will come from social platforms. So, focus on those tasks that will improve your site’s traffic.

Avoid installing too many plugins. There are so many plugins that are amazing for your site but too many of them can really slow the speed of your site and it may also make it difficult to locate the exact source of errors.


The Bottom Line

Blogging is fun and if you are serious about it, you will enjoy doing it while earning a decent income. However, there are so many mistakes that amateurs tend to make because they are unfamiliar with the dos and don’ts.

However, having the right knowledge can easily set you apart even if you are an amateur. This is because you will know what you are doing, why, and when. You don’t need to worry because you are just starting out. What you need to know is starting at the right point. From there, everything else will fall into place.

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