Affiliate Marketing The Complete Guide in 2021

affiliate marketing

Are you looking to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing but not sure how to getting started with affiliate and make money from it? – today I will cover all things you need to know to helps you get started with affiliate marketing step by step. 

Can you make money with affiliate marketing while you sleeping?  the answer is YES if you do it the right ways and make you Google believe but, things get more complex we will detail in this article.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of sending your traffic to retailer store and earns a commission when they make purchase throw your referrals – make more sense when you join an affiliate program you will get a referral link from the company.

Next step you write content to promote your affiliate marketing then your visitor clicks on the referral link and made a purchase you earn a commission.😍👏 sound great?

It’s essentially classic advertising in a less intrusive way. Rather than promoting a product on your website with visual advertisements, like this:

Affiliate Marketing

You simply embed the product link in your content, like this.

affiliate marketing for beginner

In the example image above, the affiliate partner is HostGator they provide Web Hosting service – they advertise hosting service affiliate link because their niche is relevant to hosting or website building so we will also find out the most relevant affiliate program to advertise on our site too, its great right?

There are more Amazing you need to know. 🤓

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How Do I Become Affiliate Marketer?

You need to have something ready before you can become an affiliate marketer that we are going to talking about right now.

Before we can start with affiliate marketing we need to have a place where we can promote our affiliate links to earn a commission from those affiliate programs and resources that we can be getting started with.

Here it is…

1. You need to have a website or blog 

To start affiliate marketing the most important thing is you need to have a website or blog because it is the place where you promote and drive visitors to come to your website and read your affiliate promoted content.

When it comes to building a website there are tons of options but, WordPress is the best platform that you can use to build a website it quick and super easy to do.

If you seriously want to start with affiliate marketing you should build with WordPress because it has full customize functionality that you can use – the more customize functions you have the better user experience (UX) for your visitor.

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2. Choosing Your Blog Niche

In this case, I want to make sure that you need to choose the niche that you are really good at and love to do – WHY?  that because if you start the wrong niche you will get lazy and don’t know exactly what to do or what write content about, this is a common mistake that most beginner bloggers made. 

You need to care of choosing your blogging niche otherwise you won’t succeed in being an affiliate marketer.

3. Visible Your Website on Search Engine 

This is the main resource that you can drive readers to come to the affiliate content that you are promoting, to visible your site on the search you need to optimize your site for search engine friendly it called Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short).

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If you are a beginner blogger and don’t know what to do with SEO you need to learn more about this, there are lot’s of the site are teaching people about SEO and at this site, we also share our knowledge and experiment of doing SEO strategies to get ranking on the search.

Are you ready to go?

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

The best way of getting start with affiliate marketing is to join the affiliate network that provide the affiliate program – before we can get start you need to know the affiliate network that share affiliate program for us to apply as affiliate partner and find the most relevant product or service for your niche.

There few biggest affiliate network that provide affiliate programs for affiliate marketer to apply and earn money from affiliate sale, here are some.

Is there more affiliate program except these above? the Answer is YES, there are lots of companies offering their own affiliate program so you can find the right one with your niche relevant and apply to be a partner with them.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Now you already have the required things it time to get started monetizing your blog with an affiliate link to make money from affiliate marketing, this the moment that you are waiting.🕑

Step1. Create Affiliate Content That Boost Revenue

As an affiliate marketer, it job to negotiate with visitors to make a purchase, so content is the way that you can start negotiate with the visitor who looking to buy something.

Most of affiliate marketer made mistake of writing random content and start insert affiliate link, this way may or may not work, if you serious of making money with affiliate program you need to write a detail content showcase to your reader why they should buy that product.

To create the best content for your affiliate marketing you need to understand your exact target audience what they need, and knowing what keyword they used to search for the product you want to promote on search engines by starting to do keyword research

Keyword research is the key thing you need to focus on when it comes to content creation because it tells you everything about the keyword if you are new be to the keyword I recommend you to use KWFinder this is the best keyword research of all time.

For more details, you can learn more on our guide of How to Do Keyword Research Complete Guide.

After you have all of these things you will able to produce high-quality content for your content affiliate promotion and reach out to the right person who is looking for the product that you promoted on your content.

Now you know how to produce good quality content.🦸‍♂️👍

Let’s go deeper…

Step 2. Promote Your Affiliate Link Inside Content

You are now done created website, known how to create content that reach to the target audience and keyword research. It’s time to get start monetize your website with affiliate links.

You may want to insert multiple affiliate links in one content it may not work if your content focusing one money things – unless you create content that solve multiple things for example “10 tools to improve your website SEO” when your content focusing in multi product you can add multiple affiliate links.

Placing affiliate link inside your content is really important, if we did wrong it will not convert our readers to purchase the affiliate product so make sure you need to do the right way.

You need to early put your affiliate link inside your content because sometime people not gonna read the entire content so it good to place your affiliate link on top of your content like 30% of your content length

When it come to add the affiliate link in a content you need to have a plugin that help you Cloak affiliate link to make it nice and clean. Why? for example: and cloak affiliate link plugin will make it look more good it will change above like this

 If you serious of making money with affiliate program it highly recommend you to invest with a premium affiliate plugin.

thirsty affiliate - the affiliate marketing

It’s Thirsty Affiliate, It work really good with your affiliate link by cloak affiliate link with your domain name and redirect it to your affiliate partner with visitor click on the link.

By cloaking affiliate link visitor don’t exactly know that link is the affiliate link until it redirected so it will make you more affiliate sale and more commission.

With this amazing WordPress plugin you will get easy to control and place your affiliate link on your content fast and simple to do.

Do you want more affiliate sale and earn more commission from your affiliate partner? If YES!

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3. How to Increase Affiliate Marketing Sale

Let’s imagine if you send 100 visitor to your affiliate partner and 2 of them are purchase the product meaning you get 2% out of 100 and you make 50 dollars per sale meaning you earn a 100 dollar, so if we want more sell you need to send more visitors to your affiliate partner site to get more purchase and earn more commission.

So how to do that? Well, I will tell you the secret…

Did you ever heard about email marketing? I hope you had heard about this before because it so popular strategy when it come to online marketing.

You need to sign up for a free or paid account with company that provide email collection to store your email list here are some of the most popular email marketing provider company that people are talking about.

After you done with create an account with one of these company you will need to build landing page or Opt-in form to ask visitor to sign up with your newsletter and start collecting their email.

To build popup or email collection form I will recommend you to use WordPress plugin called OptinMonster this plugin really good at build your opt-in and email collection growth you list.

With OptinMoster you can create many type of form you want with a free template that this plugin provide – It is my favorite opt-in plugin that I had used all the time.

optinmoster email collecting

There free and premium option that you can choose if you are go with free you will get limit function and some more advance function will not allow you to us unless you upgrade to premium version.

How to create a subscription form? It really simple and easy to build your newsletter subscription form with OptinMoster you just to to your website dashboard and click OptinMoster and create a campaign.

Here is example of subscription form.

Make sure you use the word to attract people to sign up to your email list like above image – after you collect email from your visitor it time to send them to your affiliate marketing that make them purchase. How?

When you are done of writing your affiliate content and published on your website you need to send them notify email that you had new content on your website and then some them will click to read yours throw the read it may take them to your affiliate partner of clicked by them.

Or this way when you had good offer that provide by your affiliate partner and then you also can notify your subscribers throw you email list it also helps you increase your affiliate sale and more commission.


Making money with affiliate marketing is good of earning income from your online blogging job and can be a lot of money depending on how well you had done with optimizing your website and affiliate marketing strategy.

The best strategy of success affiliate marketing is to drive more traffic to your website from organic search meaning you need to working with your website SEO as well get tons of traffics to your website and start earning.