Welcome to ARTOUN

At artoun.com we help people who trying to build their own website, with the help of our easy-to-follow tutorial videos and content writing on our blog.

We created Art Oun Website as a place where anyone can quickly and easily learn about web design, SEO – simply, by watching a video and reading article.

Most of our content are focusing on quality and help full for the readers that gain knowledge experience to apply to their real blog those are a step by step and easy to follow guide that make you easy to catch up everything we explaining on our tutorials.

You will not only learn how to make website but we cover everything related to website such as search engine optimization that will make your website visible on the search result that hep your website growth traffics.

We know that everyone create website or blog in goal to earn some money from it by monetize our website, so we also share our knowledge about the monetize blog that help you guy get opportunity to earn money from your blogging.


Hello, Guy! 

I am Oun Art a founder of artoun.com, I am a passionate blogger I love to share everything I know about making website, start blogging and make money online – I had been blogging about 4 year of experience.

I know many things that help you start a website and get success…

On artoun.com is my lovely project because with this website I can sharing everything of my experience in digital marketing, blogging and search engine optimization with you all.

My goal is to help people start a success website and a go to place when they thinking of start up a website – that why we build artoun.com, I hope you like this and follow along with us. Have anything to ask? click here to contact us.

Thank You!