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7 Best Google Rank Keyword Checker

There are lots of Google Rank Keyword checker tools that allow you to check your ranking keyword on Google to find the position that you are ranked on the SERP and build strategies for improving the position to get high organic traffic.

Today I had covered the best Google Rank keyword checker tools that you can use to improve your website content ranking position on the SERP. 

The most important element of SEO is to find a good keyword for optimizing your new content for ranking opportunity on the SERP, It takes a really short time to find the good keywords if you are using keyword research tool like SEMRush and KWFinder.

After you had done the keyword researching and optimize as SEO content for search engine it time that we are waiting few days to let Google do their work of indexing our content after we start using the Google rank keyword checker tool to track our ranking keyword on Google.

Let’s get dive right into Google Rank Keyword Checker…

7 Best Google Rank Keyword Checker Tools

Before we get started I want to explain to you what is the exactly Google Rank keyword checker tool and why we should use it?

What is Google Rank Keyword Checker Tool?

It is the tool that we can use to track our ranking keyword on the Google SERPs it is really useful for use to track the keyword that we seriously want to get high amounts of traffic from organic search and build strategies to improve your content ranking position.

1 AccuRanker

free keyword ranking tracker tool

AccuRanker is the best Google rank keyword checker tool that you can use to track your ranking keyword, this is the most useful and high-performance tool that helps you in the rank tracking.

If you are looking for a paid keywords ranking tracker this tool is the best for you, it also works great for the good for the agency, and business who has tons of keywords to track.

-How to use AccuRanker to track the ranking keyword?

Don’t worry I will guide you on how to use this tool to track your keywords in the step by step to help you do the right way of checking your keyword with this tool.

The main thing that I love AccuRanker is that the interface of this tool, You can get start track your keyword Rank from the Google search console, and there other options for Bing too.

So to get started with this tool you need to go to the website by clicking here and start creating your 14 days free trial account before we can make use of the keyword checker.

After you will see the section like the image below…

AccuRanker Check keyword rank

Here you can input your keyword you want to track and you can also do with specific target location too.

2 SEMRush

SEMRush is the best All in One online marketing toolkit there are lots of tools available on this marketing platform such as SEO, SEM, and more…

You can do many things on this tool of doing online marketing such as search engine optimization, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, keyword research, and lots more…

You can also use SEMRush to track your Google keyword rank too, by using the tool that had they provide on their platform.

So to check your Google rank keyword you need to go to SEMRush and create one free trial account by clicking here

Google Rank Position tracker

After you had registered with SEMrush you now need to go top drop-down menu and select it to SEO Toolkit (like the image above).

  1.  Click on Position Tracking at the list of menu.
  2. Add your domain to setup.
  3. After clicking on the setup button.

Here is how SEMRush makes it easier for you to start adding Keywords for rank tracking. You can add Keywords using one of these four methods:

  1. Connect your search console and pull up the keywords from there
  2. Manually enter the keywords
  3. Track the top Keywords that SEMRush has already discovered for your domain name
  4. From file (*.txt, *.csv)
Free keyword rank tracker
image source shoutmeloud

Now you had done all setup with SEMrush for the keyword ranking tracker, you can add as many keywords as you can if you are a pro user of this tool.

Get SEMrush 14 days free trial 

 3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs also the best SEO platform and it also the most popular tool in the market that many people are using, this tool is similar to SEMrush but focuses more on SEO, I love this tool because it is an amazing tool that I had seen.

You can also use this to check your Google keyword ranking tool.

Google Keyword Rank checker

4 Authority Labs Rank Checker

Authority Labs Rank checker is the another best choice of Google Keyword ranking checker that you can use to find the keyword you that you had raked on Google SERP position, It will track your SERP on your target keyword that you are checking and bring up with a nice result.

– How to use the Authority Lab Rank Checker?

You can getting started with this tool by going to their website, click here to go…

Google Ranking tracker

  1. Sign Up for a free trial account you can now do the rank tracker.
  2. Enter the requirement details you want to track.

5 SEObility Rank Checker

This also another choice of using the free Google keyword Rank tracker that you can use to track your rank keyword position on Google search to see your website perform on the search.

This tool is really simple and easy to use, anyways I will share with you the way how to use the tool.

– How to use SEObility Rank Checker? 

First, you need to go to the site before we can get start the progress by clicking here

After you need to create an account this platform to access the tool, then when you had done find out the “Rank Tracker” at the navigation menu.

Best Google Rank Keyword checker tool

Now, you need to fill out things requirements to access the tool and find out your ranking position on Google SERPs by following my details below.

  • Search Term – this field you need to enter your keyword you want to check.
  • Domain (optional) – Enter your website domain you want to check.
  • Country – Select the country you want to check your keyword ranking.

After you had entered the requirement then scroll abet down you will see on the button and then you need to click on that button (“Check Website Ranking”)to see the result of the tracking.

free keyword rank check

You will see your list of ranking sites that target the same keyword as you and your website ranking position and you are now done with checking your ranking position on SEObility.

 6 Site Checker Pro

Site Checker Pro also the best free keyword checker tool that you can use to find your website ranking position on the Google SERPs, you can use this tool to check as many keywords you want to it free to use and work fine for us of tracking our ranking position on the SERP.

– How to use Site Checker Pro to track your rank keyword?

You start checking your keyword rank on this tool by going to the tool by clicking here

 seo ranking checker free

After you need to enter your website domain to see the list of keyword you had ranked on Google SERPs whit more details like position, search volume, competition, and more… 

website rank checker

It really simple and easy to use this tool to find your ranked keyword on your Google, you can get more information that will help you to build strategies of re-optimizing your content for improving your content rank position.


 7 SERP Robot

SERP Robot is a free rank checker tool that you can use to find your ranking position on Google to improve your SEO for the better ranking position if it was not rank on the first page of Google this tool track your keyword and coming with the best result.

– How to use SERP Robot? 

Now we need to go to the SERP Robot website to getting started with the tool by clicking here

Google Keyword rank checker tool

You need to do the following details below…

  1. You Google Region – You Google region when you want to see your keyword ranking.
  2. Enter your domain name to check.
  3. Enter the keywords you want to check on the SERP ranked position.
  4. You need to check on I am not a robot to confirm you are human.
  5. Scroll abet down and click on the button “Check SERP Now”.

After you will the result at the top right of your input information.


Here is all about the Google Rank Keyword checker tools that you can use to see what going on with your content ranking position on the SERPs of Google.

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